Mass wedding for underprivileged 50 Couples.

New Delhi: A Massive marriage was held on 5th April 2018 whereover 50 brides were seen in colourful ethnic attire and ornate jewelleryperformingtheir wedding rituals at Qutub Institutional Area, New Delhi. The mass wedding where many underprivileged couples tied the knots was organizedby Guild For Service, an organization which works to enlighten the lives of women going through the hard phases of life.

 Many helping hands were in support to makethis event a success and the team was greatly thankful to the youngstersvoluntarily contributing to the event. Kartikeya Goel, a sixteen-year youngenthusiast and dynamic student of Class X - DPS Vasant Kunj contributed thebest of his efforts for this social cause. The essence of humanity is grantedin heritage sometimes irrespective of the age. “It really feels great when youngsters or teens stand in support forsocial change.” Said Dr Mohini Giri, Founder, Guild For Service

The eventnot only displayed humanity but also showed the Nation’s secularism, with ‘Unityin Diversity’. Along with the Hindu rituals, an Islamic Wedding was alsoperformed simultaneously. Moreover, there were 8 women who were remarried and 1differently-abled couple was there.      

The coupleswere given wedding attires and essential household items to initiate their newlives. ‘The Family Planning Council’ also provided lectures on family planningand ways to avoid domestic violence. The newlywed couples were also explainedabout the real meaning of getting married. While both husband and wife work, abond of understanding should be made such that they should share the householdwork equally and work together at home as well.

Looking atthe Indian weddings, which are famous for their lavish scale with multi-coursefeasts, decorated horses, brass bands and huge tents to entertain hundreds oreven thousands of guests which needs a lot of effort and expenses which most ofthe time exceeds the pocket. Since, a girl is born, her parents worry forbidding her the wedding farewell in the best possible way and the challengesworsen more if the parents are from a low socio-economic background.  The services provided by Guild for Servicehas defied the social stigmas and has placedan exemplary display to thesociety. This mass marriage is an empowerment to humanity and also creates avoice of change against the orthodox mind set.   

Apart fromthe dowry, our society faces the issue of inter-caste, inter-religion andremarriage for widows as well. Female feticides have though subsided, needs tobe completely curbed even from villages as well. A sound message to the societywill surely have an impact onthe importance of women ‘in & for’ theSociety. Raise your voice for the noble cause, “we can’t help everyone, buteveryone can help someone.” Said Kartikeya quoting Mr. Ronald Reagan.

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