Mastertrust introduces its all-new revamped website

New Delhi, 14th January, 2020:mastertrust, one of India's leading diversified financial services conglomerates has launched its new redesigned website which is more user-friendly, easier to navigate, and packed with more features. It is a simple web platform built for active and non-active traders with the simple interface to invest in Equity, Mutual Funds and other asset classes.

The new website is even better attuned to the unique requirements of the investors. For neophyte and experienced investors, the new website has engaging content that teaches basic and advanced investment strategies. Furthermore,financial calculators embedded in the site help users calculate returns on every kind of investment they want to make.

On mastertrust’s website, active and non-active traders may invest in equities, mutual funds, derivatives, currencies, commodities, bonds, and IPOs. Excitingly, the website is free to use. It highlights flexible brokerage plans, and traders with other brokerages can get 25 per cent off on their existing brokerage fees when they upload their contract note (T&Cs apply). Users can open an account online in just 15 minutes, unlike many other portals that have tedious processes to complete before trading can commence. Such processes take as long as seven days.

In pursuit to keep improving to offer the best experience to their customers, the leadership wanted to enable its customers to do more with a new and improved version of the website with an aim to add more value and also bring the depth of offerings to easy navigation with minimal clicks.

Here are some of the most popular upgrades you'll find:

Better navigation

Introduction of new products resources section

More intuitive research to help users make smarter investment decisions

Online and instant account opening to enable our customers to go paperless

Revised brokerage plans to suit the investors’ unique needs

Product tutorials to help users understand the various tools and utilities available

Blogs, covering informative content to educate and help our customers on various investment topics

Financial calculators for convenient return calculations

Online investing in mutual funds

Market overview with complete market analysis

Goal planning

Strong customer support and guidance

The new website provides a better user experience, is richly populated with content, and can be navigated with minimal clicks. It helps userstrack portfolios and make adjustments in real-time to benefit from market movements.

Speaking about mastertrust and the launch of its new website Jashan Arora, Director, Master Capital Services Ltd. said “We hope we stood to the expectations, which is for our customers to tell. I can confidently say that mastertrust’s new site is now better designed and more valuable that brings you the best of speed, analytics and charting.It offers an attractive investment landscape for the investors to invest and trade through one of the best-in-class, information-rich and intuitive, user-friendly website that they can use to plan their goals, evaluate and invest accordingly. “

He went on to say“mastertrust’s leadership understands that its customers’ data must be completely secure. For this reason, every mastertrust account is secured behind two-factor authentication, and all information is encrypted. I want to say,mastertrust is all excited to introduce its new website because it offers an unparalleled customer experience and helps grow wealth.”

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