Max Fashion’s latest TV campaign is a fresh take on the contemporary urban lifestyle

Bangalore, October 17th, 2017: Max Fashion has launched its latest TV commercial recently. The film has been conceptualized by JWT and brilliantly leverages the insight that there are endless ways to win your partner back after a tiff. Max has redefined fashion by being the only brand addressing the fashion appetite of the contemporary young family.

The concept of ‘Endless Ways’ comes alive in this TV commercial as theyshow a young couple having a potential tiff which ends with smiles all around,as Max saves the day with its endless looks. 

Thereare small moments of disagreement in all our lives that can be quickly resolvedwith a gesture of love. Max plays an essential role in settling these smallermoments of distress by offering affordable yet remarkably trendy fashion forevery member of the family. The brand has used this insight as the inspirationfor the campaign by positioning themselves as a ‘way out of a tricky situation’in the film. 

Speakingon the campaign, Jiten Mahendra, Vice President – Marketing, MaxFashion said, “Max Fashion is in its 12th year inIndia and is present in over 70 cities and 180 stores across India. The brandcontinues to reinforce its role in facilitating fashion by delivering aconvergence of fashion and value. The ad film is targeted to appeal to theyoung Indian contemporary family and how Max continues to play a pivotal rolein simple everyday situations.” 

“For Max, this being its third TV film, it was important to continue thejourney of humour, fun and style. We decided to give it an angle that is notonly different but also stands out in terms of fashion and music treatment. Wereally hope you enjoy the TV film and it leaves you with a smile”,mentioned Vivek Kakkad, Director, Curious Films, the productionhouse that has shot the film. 

Sharing his views on the creative thought process behind the TVC, SenthilKumar, Chief Creative Officer, JWT commented, “This is Max Fashion’sthird TVC and second season of the ‘Endless Ways’ campaign. It was important tocontinue the journey of humor-led human stories and showcase ‘over 3000different styles to choose from’ as it perfectly reflects the brand’spersonality. Max being a brand that is fashionable yet affordable, fitted inseamlessly with the campaign idea of ‘Endless Ways’ while also subtlyestablishing itself as a brand that brings people together.” 

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