Medgate Today’s International Reach continues, invited to cover 2018 Healthcare & Expo Taiwan

New Delhi: 19th November, 2018- Medgate Today's Editor in Chief Mr.Afzal Kamal, one of the most prominent figures of Indian healthcare media and industry has been invited by 2018 Healthcare+ Expo, Taiwan as well as China Medical University Hospital, International Center, Taiwan.

2018 Healthcare+Expo, Taiwan: Where Tech Meets Medicine scheduled from 29th November to 2nd December 2018, provides a stage for interdisciplinary collaborations between medicine, IT/electronics, pharmaceuticals, and biotech to foster medical technology innovations. It is the signature expo in Asia Pacific that strategically connects all health related sectors from all over the world together in one place.

China Medical University Hospital, International Center, Taiwan is committed to promote basic human right in health as well as excellence in both western and traditional Chinese medicine. It provides medical services with a “patient-oriented” attitude with the hope of building China Medical University Hospital as Taiwan's Mayo Clinic.

While humbly acknowledging these invitations Mr. Kamal says “This is an honour for Indian healthcare media which has off late started getting global recognition”. It is pertinent to note that Mr.Kamal has earlier been invited to cover other major global healthcare events in Singapore, Turkey, Japan and Dubai. As a staunch and vocal healthcare enthusiast & activist Mr. Kamal believes global healthcare needs regular and intensive deliberations and exchange of knowledge, expertise & experience to combat together emerging global health challenges and epidemics.  He further adds that   economics can't be de-hyphenated from healthcare. He attaches utmost importance to this visit to get insights into emerging technologies, processes, management practices and traditional Chinese medicine.

Medgate Today is a subsidiary of Advance Media Group, has been at forefront of healthcare journalism in India for last 10 years. It has emerged as a credible fourth estate in Indian healthcare. While maintaining unbiased outlook on Indian healthcare industry, it has also shouldered it's responsibility of not only identifying healthcare leaders across India but also providing them a platform in the larger interest of industry as well as nation. 

Medgate Today has long been promoting public healthcare causes and programs like Quality Healthcare, Affordable Healthcare, and Ayushman Bharat world’s largest public healthcare initiative recently launched Govt of India. 

As part of its Global Reach Policy Medgate Today’s has already entered into many global collaborations and would continue to do so.

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