Medica Aims to Enrol 1-lakh Students via School Connect Programme in Kolkata by FY2018-19

Kolkata, October 30, 2017: Medica School Connect Programme, an initiative of city-headquartered Medica Superspecialty Hospital, plans to enrol around 1-lakh students via School Connect programme in Kolkata by the end of the next fiscal year 2018-19. Medica School Connect Programme is a health services awareness programme for school children in collaboration with Future First Insurance Broking and different schools in the city. Also, Future First Insurance Broking has facilitated the school connect programme through tying up with leading insurance players to take up the financial obligation related to ‘accidental hospitalization insurance cover’ and ‘continuity of education’ in the event of untimely demise of earning parent due to some accident or natural causes.

With an aim tocreate safety net and ensure better future for school children, Medica plans toeducate, guide, assist and provide risk mitigation solution to all students,teachers and parents so that they are not only aware but know how to take careof any unforeseen situation. Health issues among the school students areincreasing and with the launch of the Medica School Connect Programme, thehospital would cater to the physical and mental well-being requirements of theschools’ children and staff.


“We want tointroduce the schools with our bouquet of health related services by partneringwith them and create a platform for healthy living, accident prevention,recognising emerging health challenges of the new millennium. The same iscoupled with the benefits of insurance that, at times, can be a saviour. Medicaaims to reach out to 1-lakh students via this School Connect Programme,”said Dr. Alok Roy, Chairman,Medica Group of Hospitals, on the sidelines of launching the MedicaSchool Connect Programme in Kolkata on Monday. At Medica our endeavour isto engage and work closely with communities. We are involving school childrenfrom Kolkata and want to sensitize them about the importance of good health,further said Dr Roy.


On the occasion ofthe launch, John Mayne, Co-Founder& CEO, Future First Insurance Broking said, "Providingfinancial security to every child for a better future is one of our prioritiesand we are excited to partner with Medica in its School ConnectInitiative”.    “Different pillars of the society have cometogether to create a platform of great potential. The product is unique in itsdynamics and offers to ready the students with life skills that are needed tolead a healthy and rewarding life,” said Dr.Saumitra Bharadwaj, Group Vice President – Operations, Medica Group ofHospitals.


Dr. Ashok Mittal, Senior Consultant & Director of Paediatrics andNeonatology, who will lead the clinicalside of this program welcomed this new product in the domain of child-health.He opined that there is an increasing awareness among new-age parents aboutquality healthcare, and Medica with its fully equipped comprehensive paediatricservices with all superspecialities under one roof will remain one of thesafest places for these school children for any mishap. Today's children needto be apprised about health and health-issues that are being created by the newage we live in. They also need exposure to cope up with the psychologicaldemands being put by the society by way of tough competition, expectations ofsuccess and personal aspirations, mentions the press release issued by thehospital. 

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