Memorandum submitted to Hon’ble President of India by the All India Mahila Empowerment Party

All India Mahila Empowerment Party (MEP) is a registered political party Registered under Sec. 29A of the Representation of People Act 1951 as a national political party which aims at empowering Indian women irrespective of caste, creed, religious tag and domicile region.

When Indiaachieved independence in 1947, we had given ourselves a Constitution which hasguaranteed not only gender equality but also dignified life to womenfolk, but astrange perversion is taking place in granted rights to Indian women. In thisconnection the MEP demands that:

1. The issueof women representation in the Parliament and state legislatures is pendingsince a long time and no political party is taking it seriously to pass theWomen Reservation Bill though all political parties have included it in theirelection manifestoes.

2. The MEPdemands that women should be provided 33% reservation in Parliament and statelegislatures after passing of pending Women Reservation Bill.

3. Workingwomen are carrying on double duties. They are serving the nation in offices,factories and other establishments apart of looking after their homes andchildren upbringing. Hence working women both in government as well as privatesector should be extended some tax reliefs.

4. Not onlythis women entrepreneur is also contributing in national economic growth and sothey must get relief in their income tax.

5. Effectivehealth services are very important to women both for urban and rural areas. Thecentral government should take up the problems faced by women in health sectorparticularly those related with their pregnancy and nutrition.

6. Largenumber of women are involved in unorganized sector who may be called backboneof our economy. They must be brought under government care and some sort ofinsurance scheme should be introduced for them.

7. Crimesagainst women are on rise. Harsh laws should be introduced and implemented onthe crimes against women particularly rape.

8. Thecentral government should effectively ban child marriages which are still goingon in some parts of country.

9. Thoughtriple talaq has been banned by the Supreme Court, but still Muslim women arebeing divorced under triple talaq system while the government has notintroduced any mechanism to check it. So, the government should implement amonitoring system on triple talaq.

10. Child labor has also been banned legally but people are employing minoraged girls for domestic works. They have been left on mercy of employers.Government should launch any educational scheme for them

11. TheCentral government has taken up many positive women welfare works and projectsbut they are not receiving benefits as they should be. The Central governmentmust constitute a national level ‘Monitoring Committee’ to identify theproblems faced by women, their solution and monitoring of government schemesrelated to them.

Submitted by the AllIndia Mahila Empowerment Party on this day Tuesday 26 December 2017 for yourkind consideration and action thereon.

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