Metal tree - Art installation - at Mohan Nagar Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad- Needless to say that public art is one of the most important aspects in art world as well as in general public. But regrettably in India public art is still marginalized in comparison to other parts of world. Some of the factors are awareness, willingness, criticism and valuation. In many countries artists who are commissioned to make public art end up practicing in public.

Kala Drishti in association with Ghaziabad Development Authority and Ghaziabad Administration initiated first public art project in Ghaziabad, it is busiest crossing in Mohan Nagar. The artist of Kala Drishti have made two trees for decorating the place. Both trees are made by ms pipes and leaves made up of metal sheet around 3k leaves are used on each tree. Each tree weight is approx 550 Kg and both are of silver color. The entire project took 20 tremendous sunny days and 20 nights too. Finally 21st day able to end up, two 15 feet high metal trees and one 3D logo of Ghaziabad along with lighting work on installation. 

The founder of Kala Drishti Ms. Anjali Jain said that “we have collaborated with government for the welfare of the society. Our NGO’s motive is to promote art with saving environment for the welfare of our next generation and we will keep supporting government for further projects”. 

"Mr.  A. K. Rahi, Incharge Horticulture Ghaziabad Development Authority said that  we were planning to decorate mohan nagar crossroads. In this direction, trees were planted for greenery by planting trees where we got the space available at the crossroads. Beautification was done so far with the help of wire structure, but for the first time Artificial Art Installation has been done at this intersection". 

Many types of trees have been planted. After planting silver trees, these things were done through artificial art installation. Keeping this in mind, the Focus Lite has been arranged here, in the night, through that both of these trees looks attractive, which makes it look even more attractive when it comes to light. 

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