Microsoft Azure becomes the cloud of choice for Marico; helps increase data processing speed by

New Delhi, October 5, 2017: Marico Limited, India's leading consumer products company in the wellness and beauty space, has recently adopted Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse to improve their business productivity. The adoption of the fully-managed, highly-elastic, petabyte-scale, warehouse-as-a-service cloud-based relational database has helped Marico increase their data processing speed by over 150%.

In the FMCGspace, the volume of data being generated fluctuates greatly during certainperiods, especially the month beginning and ends or during season and festivaltime. This puts unforeseen burden on the existing IT infrastructure in managingthe data flux. The window for extraction, transformation and loading of hugeamount of data is limited to a few hours.

Thisdeployment has freed Marico from regular hardware refresh owing to data volumevariability, and provided the flexibility of scale-up or scale-down on demand.They now have an end-to-end data solution (database, data warehouse, big data,visualization, advanced analytics) that unlocks insights from any data. Thishas given Marico complete control of data management and more agility forbusiness decision-making during critical times. They have also overcome theneed for creating disaster recovery or backup infrastructure.

“With thegrowing surge of data, and the burden that used to come along with it,Microsoft has helped us in eliminating the need for over-provisioning. Wewanted to gain control over the churn and speed of data, and Azure SQL DataWarehouse has not only helped achieve this but also helped us gain businessinsights from big data and advanced analytics.”, said Mukesh Kripalani,Chief - Business Process Transformation & IT, Marico. 

Thedeployment at Marico addresses the current FMCG market need for an integrated,intelligent cloud-based database management system. The solution will helpMarico stay ahead of the market with faster and more accurate decisions. Wehave always aimed to reduce complexity and redundancy, and ensure data privacyand security through the Microsoft Cloud. We are excited to be associated withthe growth of Marico”, saidPeter Gartenberg, General Manager, EnterpriseCommercial, Microsoft India

In India,numerous FMCG customers are leveraging Microsoft Azure as their cloud platformto develop cutting edge digital and data analytics capabilities. Microsoft’scommitment to deliver enterprise-grade cloud platform that is open, flexible,affordable and secure has resonated strongly with Indian companies. 

AboutMarico Limited

Marico (BSE:531642, NSE: “MARICO”) is one of India’s leading Consumer Products Group, inthe global beauty and wellness space. During 2016-17, Marico recorded aturnover of INR 59 billion (USD 886 Million) through its products sold in Indiaand about 25 other countries in Asia and Africa.

Maricotouches the lives of 1 out of every 3 Indians, through its portfolio of brandssuch as Parachute, Parachute Advansed, Saffola, Hair & Care, Nihar, NiharNaturals, Livon, Set Wet, Mediker and Revive. The International businesscontributes to about 23% of the Group’s revenue, with brands like Parachute,Parachute Advansed, HairCode, Fiancée, Caivil, Hercules, Black Chic, Code 10,Ingwe, X-Men and Thuan Phat.

Marico’sfocus on sustainable profitable growth is manifest through its consistentfinancial performance, a CAGR of 10% in Turnover and 18% in Profits over thepast 5 years.

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