Mirage Ceramics’ Marble High Gloss Finish is better than marble!

Bangalore, Oct 26, 2017: Marble has been the choice of flooring for decades, thanks to its rich looks. However, marble floorings came with their share of troubles – easy to stain, tough to maintain due to cracking and fading and very expensive. Industry leader Mirage Ceramics decided to combine the goodness of marble and tiles to bring to you the perfect flooring option – the Marble High Gloss Finish. And it’s got everything you need!

Marbles havelost their popularity in the recent past due to their high maintainance. Overtime, marble is prone to chipping, staining, cracking and water penetration.For the high cost they come at, these were problems that turned people away andmade them look for other options. Mirage Ceramics realised that rarely doessomething match the beauty of real marble, so they brought the best of bothworlds together in their Marble High Gloss Finish tiles. These tiles arenon-porous, eliminating the fears of water retention and stains, and do notfade even after prolonged use. Designs from real marble are scanned on to them,replicating their elegant finish. The tiles are easy to fit and very simple tomaintain, thus resulting in zero maintenance cost. Simply use it like a regularflooring! Owing to their elegant look the marble high gloss finish tiles areperfect for flooring as well as cladding. Coming in the versatile size of600mm*1200mm, they slip easily into homes and commercial spaces. The cherry onthe cake, of course, if that now you can get the look of real marble by payingjust a fraction of its cost! 

Said Mr.Shrikant KhadilkarChairman at the launch of the MarbleHigh Gloss Finish, “Original marble is not just extremely costly, but alsotough to source. With so many cheap substitutes in the market, it’s tough forthe common man to really know if they’re buying the real thing. Additionally,marble flooring is difficult to maintain in the Indian environment, wherestains, cracks and water damage are impossible to eliminate. Our designers haveworked very hard to achieve the perfect balance between marble and tile. Webring the goodness of the strongest, most durable tiles with the looks oforiginal marble. We’ve scanned patterns from real marble onto these tiles sothat even the sharpest eye cannot point out the difference. The tiles aresturdy, long lasting, non-porous and come with zero maintainance. We are surethey’ll be loved by all those who appreciate great looks and dependability thatcome at an affordable cost” 

So, if youhave been putting off your flooring decision for lack of the perfect option,your search ends here! Mirage Ceramics’ Marble High-Gloss Finish tiles are justwhat you needed to make your home and office spring to life with affordableelegance. Get it today and watch your space metamorphose into a chic newavatar!

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