Misuse of power by Endowment Department, Govt of Telangana

Hyderabad, April 29, 2019. A government official misuses his position and power. The case in point is Sri Ramesh Babu, Endowments Officer(EO) of Ganesh Temple in Secunderabad. This official of Endowment Department, Government of Telangana walks into premises with forty people, takes the law into his hands, behaves rudely, abuses people, throws belongings, damages property, terrorized people while the matter is was in the Endowments Tribunal court.

Irrespective of having all the documents with the owner of Padmaja Lodge and hearing was in the Telangana tribunal Court, Hyderabad, the EO Mr. Ramesh Babu, and Mr. Balaji, Assistant Commissioner(AC)  have entered the premises without any eviction notice, committed a contempt of court.  

What was the necessity for the officials to enter into the premises just a few days before the court case hearing?  Is it not an unlawful act?  How can a government official takes the law into his hands? questions N. Krishnamurthy, the Owner of Padmaja Lodge whom the property was leased to. 

N. Krishnamurthy of Padmaja Lodge wants Mr. A Indrakaran Reddy – Endowments, Law, Forest and Environment, Science and Technology Minister and Chief Minister of Telangana Shri K. Chandrashekar Rao to look into this matter to the justice to the staff of the lodge  Padmaja and its owner. 

Because of sudden and unruly behavior of the official, 100 families which are dependent on Padmaja Lodge for their livelihood have come on roads.  Now their lives are on roads, workers feel that they do not have any jobs and are forced to take extreme steps.

The background of the case is as follows.  Ganesh Temple of Secunderabad has leased out its property to Mr. N. Krishna Murthy of Padmaja Lodge since 1978.

They have regularly renewed its lease since 1978. The owners are paying rent regularly every month as per the agreement without any default.

The extension of the further lease is in Telangana Endowments Tribunal Hyderabad. The tribunal has given its further date on 3rd May 2019 for argument.

Meanwhile the E. O. Ramesh  Babu and Asst. Commissioner Balaji visited Padmaja Lodge early morning 7 A. M. (27/4/2019 & 28/4/2019) and behaved rudely and thrown out all the belongings of the Lodge on the Foot Path by employing 20 labor and one Auto trolley belonging to Ganesh Temple.

The E. O.  And AC have gone to the Padmaja Lodge with more than 40 endowment staff and they created a terror atmosphere by shouting loudly in mike in the business premises which made fear in the guests who were residing in the lodge.

As per G. O.  the temple authorities leased out 360sq yards (3240 sq feet)  and owner can develop and renovate the property according to his requirements as per G. O. So owners have developed the building and made changes as per the G. O.

The seizure of the hotel against the court order has lead to the contempt of court and the owner will proceed the contempt of court proceedings againsty the erring officer.

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