Moonbow launches technologically advanced Alpheus UV + UF Water Purifier for areas with low TDS

Bangalore, March 5th, 2018: Moonbow has expanded its product portfolio of water purifiers with the launch of Alpheus UV + UF - India’s most powerful UV water purifier. Priced at INR 9,490/- the water purifier has been certified by TUV, world renowned German certification lab. The purifier removes up to 100 crore microbes per 1 litre of water as against 1 crore microbes removal by ordinary aluminum based UV water purifiers. Alpheus UV + UF Water Purifier has been designed especially for areas with low TDS levels as RO purification in these areas can lead to depletion of essential natural minerals from the drinking water, hence making it unhealthy.

RO basedwater purifiers remove essential minerals present in the water along with heavymetals and all other impurities. Hence, when RO water purifiers without MineralFortification technology are used in areas with low TDS water supply, themineral content of purified water falls below necessary requirement for thebody. Whereas, UV water purifiers are capable of removing all the impurities inlow TDS water while maintaining essential natural minerals. UF when combinedwith UV filter acts as double protection shield against bacteria and cysts.Hence, UV + UF is the ideal combination of water purifier for cities with lowTDS water supply. 

Mr.Rakesh Kaul, President & Chief, Consumer Products Division, HSIL Ltd. said, “Industrialization andurbanization have led to a rapid increase in the levels of water pollution andwater borne diseases, making water purifiers a basic necessity. As a result,the current market size of the organized market of water purifiers in India todaywhich is currently pegged at INR 4500 crore is poised to grow by 20%.” 

Hefurther added“Consumersoften perceive that RO water purifiers are the best option for waterpurification. Ideally, before buying a Water Purifier, one should get the waterTDS checked & accordingly select a Water Purifier. UV water purifiers arebetter suited for areas with low TDS levels as they help in maintaining thewater’s natural mineral contents whereas RO Water Purifiers with MineralFortification Technology are better suited for high TDS levels. With the launchof Alpheus UV+ UF, we expect an increase in our share of revenue from waterpurifiers and hope to be among the top 3 players by 2021 in the country.Moonbow water purifiers aim to deliver not only the purest water but mineralenriched healthy drinking water. Our advanced modern age features like MineralFortification, Hexapure and DigiSense technology enable us to be a step aheadof other water purifier brands in the Indian market.” 

The waterpurifier is the best in its category as it comes with a single body stainlesssteel UV sterilizer as compared to existing aluminum body UV water purifiers.The stainless steel UV sterilizer makes the water purifier’s performance muchmore efficient and its single body design ensures zero leakage of UV rays fromthe sterilizer barrel. Also, unlike aluminum UV sterilizers, it furtherprotects from unhealthy leaching of heavy metals like aluminum and lead inwater, thus making the water 100% safe and healthy. The water purifier isstylish, sleek with 7 litre storage tank and comes with user friendly interfacewith Power, Tank Full, Failure Alert and Filter Replacement Indicators. 

MoonbowAlpheus UV + UF offers lifetime warranty on its stainless steel UV sterilizerthereby reassuring consumers of its performance, whereas, other UV waterpurifiers available in the market come with a warranty of only 1 year on UVbarrels. 

HSIL Limitedmakers of iconic sanitary ware brand Hindware, entered the water purificationsegment with the launch of Moonbow Water Purifiers in mid of 2016 calendaryear. Today, the brand has six different models priced between INR 9,490/- toINR 24,990/-. Moonbow water purifiers are available across key retail outletspan India.

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