MotherPod launches ‘Sainik for Doctors’: A Mobility Initiative by Indian Ex-Servicemen

Bengaluru, July 17, 2020: MotherPod Innovations Private Limited, a first-of-its-kind Shared Mobility Solutions provider managed by ex-servicemen, launched the ‘Sainik for Doctors’ initiative in Bengaluru today. ‘Sainik for Doctors’ is a dedicated service for COVID-19 health workers and has been launched at the Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute.

Starting today, healthcare institutions in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad can partner with MotherPod to safely ferry doctors and other health workers to their hospitals and back home in vehicles piloted by defence veterans (ex-servicemen). Healthcare institutions can partner with MotherPod by logging on to or by calling +91 76761 75174.

Through this initiative, MotherPod commits to offering a safe, secure & sanitized mobility service and facilitate a peaceful commute for health workers. Drawing on their oath of lifelong service to the nation, the Sainiks will ensure that the country’s healthcare workers can go about their daily duties without any fears or concerns for their personal well-being. 

Keeping in view the current scenario and the challenges faced by frontline health workers, MotherPod will maintain stringent social distancing and safety protocols. For instance, the maximum number of passengers per ride is fixed at two. A secure acrylic partition of the highest quality has been installed in every vehicle. In addition, a single-use PPE kit with gloves, a sanitizer and mask will be given to every passenger before the ride commences. The interiors are completely sanitized after each journey. 

Commenting on the company’s launch, Capt. Sanjay Kumar Singh, Head of Partnerships, MotherPod, said, “MotherPod aims to provide a range of technology-enabled mobility solutions, and we are pleased to launch our first initiative, ‘Sainik for Doctors’. In the post-COVID scenario, heightened security measures and standards have become critical for safer commutes—whether you consider healthcare workers, or people travelling for business or leisure. Ex-Defence personnel are ideal for this challenge, since they are disciplined and trained to follow the highest standards of safety protocols. Over time, MotherPod will expand its community of Sainiks and provide many more veterans a supportive ecosystem to move ahead in their careers.”

To fulfil its vision of re-skilling, resettlement and economic inclusion of ex-servicemen, MotherPod has partnered various defence organizations. The company envisions resettling and reskilling about 100,000 veterans in the next 3 years. 

MotherPod has a state-of-the-art Sainik Control Room and runs a helpline managed by the Sainiks. All vehicle fleets are monitored from strategically-located command centres across India. 

MotherPod’s corporate mobility solutions are primarily targeted at hospitals, government agencies, corporates (private and public organizations), as well as the hospitality industry. 

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