Mother’s Day Collection “MOR” from Vararoha by Jewelery Designer Anushka Jain

“MOR” means mother. The collection by jewelery brand Vararoha is the representation of eternal love a gift in order to convey a wish of longevity as it represents an uninterrupted life cycle, outlines the stages of a woman’s life; youth, motherhood and old age.

Thecollection has various connotations such as the knots in the jewelry representsthe eternal love of a mother to her child or a child to her mother, a gratitudeto a mother who always directed her child to select the right path of his/herlife. Delicate lines of gold represents the delicacy of the mother childrelationship, the gold lines with  sapphires  & pearl, pearltassels, the small beads of pearls; all of these symbolizes the emotions ofwomen when she becomes a mother. 

In one ofthe collections, the delicate string of south sea pearl with a diamond foldgives the message that no matter how old we are but our mother will always holdour hand and walk.

One of themost different and delicate piece of jewelery in this collection is the knotruby pendant string; the knot was a symbol of eternity and love in ancienttimes.

Ruby is thestone of love, energy and power which represents a mother’s relationship withher child.

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