Mother’s Recipe redefines the universal language of love with new tagline “Taste the Love”

Hyderabad, 15th March 2019: With the backdrop of gender equality gaining momentum world over, smashing gender roles & stereotypes and a rising wave of aspirational millennials, Mother’s Recipe’s new proposition & Tagline - ‘Taste the Love’ is redefining the language of love, through food.

With its range of innovative products and new age quick food options across categories like Ready To Cook (RTC) and instant mixes, the brand retains the goodness of authentic food cooked by a mother, while presenting it in a convenient & simple format. Easy enough for even for a man to whip up a delicious meal or the range of pickles that tantalizes the taste buds, bringing back memories. 

The brand understands it’s consumers, their changing profiles, thought processes, preferences and discerning tastes. The brand’s essence revolves around love, a mother’s love that she pours into the food she prepares for her family, the love that shows in everything she does. Today in this new age world, that intrinsic love expressed through food is taking different forms, being expressed through new age equations & relationships.  The two new campaign videos capture this changing consumer dynamics & ensure the brand stays relevant as a trusted partner in every phase of life.

The first campaign video encapsulates the journey of a young girl’s move to a big city. Her first taste of food in the new city is completed with a familiar jar of Mother’s Recipe pickle that instantly reminds her of home and the love she has grown up on. 

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The second video brings the focus on gender equality & dilution of gender roles. Mother’s Recipe’s offerings of convenient, simple food solutions are enabling men to take on roles that were just thrown into a woman’s list of things to do. The video shows a young couple going through the food options to order for dinner after a tiring day. While the man in the kitchen picks up packs from the Mother’s Recipe range to cook up a delicious home cooked meal, for his wife. The video beautifully highlights a simple solution to a Man’s biggest concern -‘I don’t know how to cook’ while fostering love & understanding. The video also subtly celebrates the new age relationship dynamics which is more open, practical & willing to go the extra mile. 

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