MTR Foods launches a spicy new TVC for their new Sambar variant in the South

Bangalore, 1 May, 2017: MTR Foods, the pioneer of packaged foods in India has launched a new variant of one of its highest selling product - Sambar Powder. The variant called Spicy Sambar Powder promises to add a spicy kick and variety to meal occasions across the day especially in the core southern markets.

The heart ofthe campaign lies in the simple insight that home-makers make differentvariations of sambar depending on the meal occasion and the central dish of themeal. For the launch, MTR conceptualised a TVC that begins with a mix of funnyreactions of a father and a son as they sit at the meal table while the womanof the house watches them amused. As the ad progresses the viewer realizestheir reactions are owing to the spicy taste of the all new spicy sambarvariant which they relish. The TV Commercial focuses on the Spicy kick of thenew product and emphasizes on how this product is perfect for households thatlike a spicier variation of the sambar for certain meal occasions or as anaccompaniment to the central dish. 

On thelaunch, Sunay Bhasin, CMO, MTR Foods Pvt. Ltd. says, “MTRis one of India’s leading packaged masala player with prominent leadership inour core southern markets. We conducted extensive cuisine studies in thesemarkets and realised that our Target Audience while still using our SambarPowder, also make their own blend from pure spices for a spicier version ofsambar. The new variant of Spicy Sambar is intended to plug this need-gap anddrive further penetration in our core markets. The TVC launched to support thiscampaign is a simple, yet creative communication that seamlessly blends thespicy nature of our product with a daily meal occasion. ” MaheshGharat, Executive Creative Producer, Ogilvy and Mather, says, “Thekey ask from MTR was to create a simple communication that clearly highlightsthe features that are central to the product – the spicy and tasty nature ofthe Spicy sambar powder. We focused on that attribute by showcasing it in aneveryday meal occasion that has been made memorable because of MTR’s SpicySambar Powder. We also injected a certain amount of humor in the TVC whichwould be guaranteed to make you smile every time you see the Ad.”

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