MTR Foods transforms breakfast in India with 3 Minute Breakfast range

April 20, 2017: MTR Foods Private Limited, the leader in Indian Breakfast in India has launched a first-of-its-kind breakfast range called MTR 3 Minute Breakfast. The newly launched range consists of popular Indian breakfasts from across the country like Poha, Upma, Oats and Halwa and cooks in just 3 minutes by just adding hot water.

Backed bythe insight that breakfast is the most rushed meal occasion and also the mostskipped meal, this unique and delicious range of six products is available inthree different packaging formats for various consumption occasions, at-home oron-the-go. With this range MTR has made Indian breakfast in a convenient andquick pour-and-eat formulation, very similar to breakfast cereal!

MTR hasalways been at the forefront of packaged foods industry by identifying latentneeds and quickly innovating to launch relevant products. From Rava Idli Mix toMultigrain Mixes and the latest Veggie Range, MTR has successfully marriedcutting-edge technology with an inherent understanding of the consumer insights,delivering lip smacking delicious food. The 3 Minute Breakfast range is aresult of reams of studies and observation, wherein it clearly showed theimportance of eating breakfast. However, hectic lifestyles and increasingtime-poverty have led to an increasing trend of youth skipping this mealaltogether. Yet, if the time dimension and cooking-knowledge are taken out ofthe equation, the Indian consumer is sure to choose an Indian breakfast to awestern one.   

On thelaunch, Sanjay Sharma, CEO, MTR Foods said, “Theorganized breakfast market in India is driven by a need for convenience withconsumers sometimes compromising on what they would like to eat for quickeroptions. Most Indians at a breakfast buffet choose Indian food with similarbehaviour being observed in college canteens and train stations.  Yet, thesame people, when they are at home and in a hurry on a weekday morning choose abowl of cereal and milk just because it’s quicker and more convenient thanIndian breakfast. The MTR 3 Minute Breakfast will now give Indianseasy access to a hot, comforting range of Indian breakfast dishes in just 3minutes.”

SunayBhasin, CMO, MTR Foods added, “Breakfast has been one of the most successfulcategories in MTR. We have always enjoyed significant leadership positionacross the country, currently with a market share of 36% in our core markets.The MTR 3 Minute Breakfast range with its new and attractive packaging, threepackaging formats to suit different consumption occasions and the MTR promiseof delighting the consumer with great taste and convenience will revolutionizethe breakfast category in India. With this new range we are confident thatconsumers will not only choose an Indian breakfast but also not skip the mostimportant meal of the day, every day.”

The MTR 3Minute Breakfast variants are available in six variants of Poha, Khatta MeethaPoha, Vegetable Upma, Magic Masala Upma, Oats Homestyle Masala and Kesari Halwaat Rs 20 for the single-use pack for 60 gms, Rs 45 for the Cup variant and Rs80-85 for the multiple-use box of 230 gms.

The 3-minbreakfast launch is accompanied by a 360 degree marketing communication planincluding a new TVC, digital promotions, OOH and in-store sampling.

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