Mumbai based Chatur Ideas announces Aquakraft’s SWACHHAGRAHA business plan as a winner amongst

#BeAChatur Contest was launched on June 1, 2017 with an aim to foster competition amongst business ideas for start ups in line withHonble Prime Minster’s vision of Start Up India & Stand Up India. #BeAChatur Contest, a 4-month intensive B-plan competition, was open for everyone with an idea and/or startup, which saw participation from over 5400 entrepreneurs, and startups. In the first phase Top-50 amongst the all the applicants were chosen and were given an opportunity for mentor-mentee interaction on August 19th, 2017 of which, Top-10 was declared on 7th september, 2017. Chatur Ideas has an investor network of over 1500 investors and till today advised more than 650 startups in various facets of mentoring, fund-raising, legal services, technological assistance, go-to market strategy & digital marketing. The main objective of this contest was to aggregate best ideas, which can then be led to innovation, IP, commercialization and value creation in a structured and scientific manner. This was the first one and calendar of such contests addressing opportunities & challenges is being planned, creating a focused and effective set of entrepreneurs and enterprises. Chatur Ideas is by far one of the only structured platforms, which is silently enabling the vision of Hon’ble Prime Minister’s vision of Start Up India & Stand Up India.

Devesh Chawla, Founder and CEOof Chatur Ideas

 “It was a great experienceto see the amount of talent across spectrums that is available in young mindsand how they are all rearing to go with their conviction and passion. Thiscontest was notably significant as the jury got see an unconventional model ofa start up addressing a very complex issue like drinking water and sanitationby SWACHHAGRAHA specifically focused on the rural area. This has beaten theconventional urban home filtration & sanitaryware business opportunityhands down as an attractive investment option and proven much more attractive,as while making money and delivering ROI, it also creates a strong SocialCapital & empowers the youth by creating livelihood opportunities bypowering them vocationally.” Said Jury Member KRISHNA KUMAR, Founder ofmpower “SWACHHAGRAHA BusinessPlan of Aquakraft was specifically chosen by the jury as it has proven to be anext generation social initiative which makes profit and delivers investorvalue by addressing the critical issue of Clean Drinking Water & Sanitationespecially in the rural areas. This is a unique business plan which was neverplanned but evolved with a clear focus and stabilized addressing everychallenge that came along which has made it very bankable & robustfundamentally.” Added another jury member VARUN SHETH, Founder of Ketto “Subramanya hasdemonstrated a true sense of entrepreneurship leaving the cushy comforts of aCorporate Career and travelling over 400 villages, relentlessly advocatingGreen Technologies for water filtration & sanitation which are environmentfriendly and not budging to the temptation of using popularly corrosivetechnologies to make a fast buck. While doing so he has faced many achallenges, encountered rigid decision makers & incompatible investors, butstill stuck to his objective with a razor sharp focus which has evolved to theinnovation of unique socio economic models, aquatm – Water ATM & aquato –Bio Toilet which are an integral part of SWACHHAGRAHA. This to us is a truesense of entrepreneurship, which we are making as a case study for emulation byour ecosystem.” Commented Devesh“We are very humbled to learnthat SWACHHAGRAHA has made it to the Top 3 of the “Be a Chatur” Contest.SWACHHAGRAHA is a unique social franchising model enabled by inclusiveparticipation of the Youth, is a movement for Clean, Green, Healthy and NewINDIA. SWACHH is an acronym for Sanitation& Water for Community Health& Hygiene. AGRAHA is an invitation toall stakeholders across Volunteers, Donors, Non Profits, NGOs, SocialFinancial Institutions, Corporates, Multilateral Agencies, Electedrepresentatives such as Corporators /MLAs / MPs /Govt.,& Institutional Stakeholders, Academia to join a MOVEMENT FORCLEAN & GREEN INDIA. The aim of SWACHHAGRAHA is toinitiate a movement that pervades one and all, making the basic amenities oflife such as water, sanitation, hygiene accessible and available, with themotto to provide a better standard of living in the long run. Each of theinitiatives to be undertaken under SWACHHAGRAHA endorses one or more of theschemes and programmes launched by our Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri NarendraModiji, in order to collectively realize the dream of a NEW INDIA within a spanof 5 years, in 2022, marking 75 years of our independence and also independencefrom the perils of contaminated water and lack of sanitation leading to betterhealth & hygiene. SWACHHAGRAHA will create a whole new cadre of SWACHH BANDHU’s,SWACHH BHAGINI’s & SWACHHePRENEURS who will relentlessly implement theSWACHH BHARAT ABHIYAAN across the length and breadth of INDIA. We are evenhappier with this announcement as it coincides with GANDHI JAYANTI on October 2, 2017 where we arelaunching a nationwide SWACHHAGRAHA march.” Said 

  “We can go on an onabout the uniqueness of this plan, but one of the most significant feature isthat is empowers the local youth by creating livelihood opportunities andaddresses the last mile connectivity to the community which is largely missingtoday. This is certainly an excellent investment opportunity for ImpactInvestors and particularly large pan India conglomerates / MNCs wanting todemonstrate their Social Commitment and create Social Brand Equity in asustained manner. ” Added VARUN “We heartily congratulateChatur Ideas on creating such a focused and effective platform connecting oneand all in the Start Up Ecosystem. We at SWACHHAGRAHA have come so far butstill do not have answers to all the questions. In this regard we are launchinga SWACHH CHATUR CONTEST on GANDHI JAYANTI to assimilate and aggregate freshthoughts, ideas and solutions to endemic problems plaguing across technology,innovation & operations in the area of Clean Drinking Water, Sanitation,Public Health & Waste Management.” Concluded Subramanya


The other Jury members of “Be AChatur” contest were Anurag Batra - Editor Business World, Alpana Parida - MDDY Works , Jitendra Gupta-Founder PayU Money & Sanjay Kumath - Sr VicePresident



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