Mumbai, 30th December 2020: The rap crew Tony Sebastian aka Stony Psyko and Rajesh Radhakrishnan aka Dope Daddy release their 10-track album which is a rap homage to Mumbai life with a number of talented collabs. The album Mapulz is a culmination of raw talent and musical skills with a contemporary twist by Stony Psyko and Dope Daddy with other featured artists making the album a crazy one-of-a-kind Tamil/English/Hindi creation.

Stony Psyko and Dope Daddy named the album ‘Mapulz’ after the Tamil slang ‘Mapul’ meaning ‘Homie’. In fact, the rap mafia actually call each other ‘Mapul’ as well. The lyrics have been emotionally woven where each line, each instrument choice and each track bring out what growing up in Mumbai’s neighbourhood of Dharavi felt like and their own South Indian culture.

The intro track Mopul, punches listeners with a rap by Dopeadelicz alongside classic West Coast beats produced by California based producer Sean Jean. The other nine tracks feature some of the most talented names from the music fraternity like features 7 Bantaiz, Mc Altaf, Su Real, Dutty Deeds, Jayhaan, Captain Fuse and  Dharavi United

With Mapullz, Dopeadelicz has brought together a pool of talent for rap lovers across the globe. While the album has a mix of Tamil, English and Hindi, the lyrics and thumping beats are not to miss out on.

Mapulz brings to life the brilliance of Dopeadelicz into a number of avatars and continue to present their creative best with Most Wanted Records.

Speaking about the release of the album, Mr Karan Amin, Most Wanted Records shares, “We are really excited to put out the album. It has been long awaited and every track in this span has been curated with detailing. Dopeadelicz have been known for their talent and unique content and with MAPULZ they are sure to create a special space in the heart of every rap lover”

Talking about the themes behind Mapulz, rapper, songwriter Tony Sebastian aka Stony Psyko shares. “We always address our friend as a brother. The relation in between two Mapulz is more than that. Both the journey in our lives and music has been challenging and exciting to us. All the hard times only made us stronger. We wanted to share this experience with you thru our music. While searching for a good name for the Album we decided to go with the name Mapul as it defines our friendship, brotherhood, family, loyalty and respect for each other. We used to call each other Mapul since day one way before than Dopeadelicz was created. Dopeadelicz was established when these Mapulz decided to share their dreams and aimed for a single goal. Mapulz is not just a word to define friendship, But an emotion to express your love and respect for each other. To all my Mapulz, we will rise thru all the pain and make it rain." 

Mapulz is out now on all streaming platforms:

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