MVJ College of Engineering streaming into Aerospace Engineering

Bangalore 28th May 2018: MVJ College of Engineering best known for its quality education, creating environment for progressive learning and development is initiating a new B.E. program in ‘Aerospace Engineering’ from this academic year 2018-19. The institutions has reserved 60 seats for this stream of engineering.

Theprogram will be alongside the existing Aeronautical Engineering curriculum. Thefirst year of the program is common with Mechanical Engineering, and it is fromthe second year onwards that varied curriculum will be initiated fromAeronautical program, while the third and final year are exclusive tospace-related subjects. 

In thisbranch of engineering, a student goes through hypersonic aerodynamics, spacestructures, space propulsion, spacecraft systems, launch vehicles, orbitalmechanics, satellite designs, satellite communications, and space robotics.There are many more subjects e.g., space flight mechanics, space-relatedavionics, satellite navigation and control, aeroacoustics that a student learnsapart from familiarization with aeronautical subjects in the second year.Aeronautical and Aerospace related labs are part of the curriculum. 

In theAerospace Industry, a huge scope and need would arise because of emerging newerconcepts in this dimension. The new program in Aerospace is envisaged to meetthe demanding and challenging role in this domain. There are vast jobopportunities for an Aerospace Engineer in Aerospace Companies, AerospaceLaboratories, Defense sector and many more. 

Prof. S.CGupta, HOD –Aerospace Engineering Department, MVJCE shared his thoughts thatthe Aerospace Engineering is one of the most challenging areas which majorlydeals with the development of new technology in the field of aviation, spaceand defense systems. It is a very interesting subject for the students to learnas it focuses on design, development, testing, and production of AerospaceVehicles and launch Platforms.  We at MVJ College of Engineering are veryglad to start this new program and wish to produce the best of AerospaceEngineers in the country.

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