MVJ College of Engineering students bags awards at the IIsc fest ‘Pravega’

Bangalore 16 FEBRUARY 2018: MVJCE students have won an award for a project which connects the deaf-mute person and a normal person through a hand glove embedded with FLEX sensors to determine the hand gesture made by the person wearing the glove.

Providing a Voice to the Voiceless 

Imagineliving in a world where no one knows your language and you must navigateeveryday life through interpreters and special services to enable you tocommunicate with others. Not only in public, but also at home, it affectscommunication with their loved ones. For normal phone calls are difficult. Thedeaf-mute person can neither hear their partner nor talk. Such challengespervade their life. 

We propose asolution by making them self-dependent with the help of a communication channelbetween a normal person and another using sign language for communication. Ouridea allows them to go anywhere and express themselves freely without dependingon aninterpreter. 


A hand gloveembedded with FLEX sensors to determine the hand gesture made by the personwearing the glove. The gesture is calculated by determining the position ofeach finger using the flex sensor. This gesture data is processed by theArduino MEGA and appropriate data is shown on the LCD display attached to themicro-controller. 

Theimprovised version of the prototype uses a webcam to record the hand gesturemade by the person. This gesture is processed using MATLAB and imageprocessing. The recognized gesture data is displayed on the monitor in therequired language.

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