14th June, 2018, India: MyGlamm & Lisa Haydon have launched a campaign urging Indian women to end eve-teasing by communicating their confidence byTurning On Their Eyes. Our eyes are a powerful tool for communicating. This campaign urges women to stand their ground, glaring back every time they receive an unwanted stare from a man. The campaign celebrates the modern woman of today and spotlights the challenges faced by women in the country with regard to Eve teasing and sexual harassment, urging them to glare back, and battle the perceptions and misconceptions laid down in our country.

To help spread this message, MyGlamm is donating everytime there is a unique share of this message up to INR 1 Crore to GiveIndia and the Magic Bus India Foundation. Additionally, MyGlamm willalso donate with the purchase of every MyGlamm eye make-up products. The #TurnOnYourEyes Campaign is pioneered for the purpose of women’s safety,and aspires to create awareness about the euphemisms that exist within thesocial and cultural spheres in India, by requesting fellow citizens to reachout to the masses through social media to spread the message and createsentience, to help remain in the nation’s consciousness.Supporting the cause Celebrity Lisa Haydon states, "Thisis a cause I can relate with as I have experienced this and see womenexperience this around me every day. It’s time we stood our ground withconfidence, feeling no shame..”The project also explores the experiences of gender norms, while encouragingand empowering women to voice their concerns and incidents, to work towards arewarding solution and a lasting change. Diving in at a pivotal moment forwomen’s rights in India, MyGlamm aspires women to regain their confidence,inspire others who have experienced or witnessed harassment to come forward, tolook back and then seek justice.Malaika Mahtaney, CMO, MyGlamm says, “The unwanted male gazeis the first step in what eventually leads to eve-teasing and sexualharassment. We at MyGlamm are launching the #TurnOnYourEyes campaign to empowerwomen and eradicate the problem at the root. To help make this message viral andto make a difference, MyGlamm is delighted to partner with Magic Bus and GiveIndia and donate up to Rs 1 crore to their cause”.While Magic Bus will utilize the donation to focus on getting more girls tocomplete their secondary education, choose a career and overcome the threats ofchild marriage, Give India will utilize the donation towards their ViolenceAgainst Women campaign.   Speaking about the association, Jayant Rastogi, CEO, Magic Bus India says,We’re proud to partner with MyGlamm for the #TurnYourEyesCampaign. Magic Busstands for ensuring equal participation and opportunities for young girls ineducation, public spaces, and jobs. This association will help us connect to alarger audience about the need to promote gender equality.Fighting violence against women is a long, hard battle. We are focused onhelping the survivors of violence rebuild their lives, and have partnered withthe best NGOs in this space to further this cause. The partnership with MyGlammis an opportunity to amplify awareness, and to help people convert theiroutrage into meaningful action.” Says Arjun Kolady, GiveIndia.MyGlamm and Lisa Haydon along with Magic Bus India Foundation and Give India inviteyou to alter this momentum into action that every woman in India, irrespectiveof their age, social or economic background, Can Look Back Too!

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​We​ wouldreally appreciate if you could help us support the campaign by sharing any oneof the following links on your social media handles as every repost/re-sharewould account to Re.1 (upto INR 1 Crore) being donated to the NGOs - Magic Busand Give India.

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