Myntra launches digital campaign featuring a customer from Patna

Bengaluru, January 18, 2018: Myntra recently launched a digital campaign featuring one of its most consistent shoppers, Shristi, from Patna. This video is the second in the ‘Myntra Unforgettables’ series, that pays tribute to some of its most loyal customers. Over 50% of Myntra’s customers belong to Tier II and III cities and towns and one such customer is Shristi who was identified using data driven insights. In the 2 minute video, we see how Shristi, who was once shy and conservative and perceived fashion as a means to look good for the world, rather than to feel good from within, underwent a transformation. A setback in her personal & professional life changed the way she sees the world today. She came to realize that in the end all that mattered is you and how you perceive the world. Her story is not just about shopping, brands or style, but also about feeling elated. Taking note of her enthusiasm for fashion, Myntra decided to honor and celebrate her as one of its most valued customers.

Myntra's latest digital campaign

The video is called‘Myntra Unforgettables with Shristi’, where Shristi is seen narrating herexperience as a fashion forward individual from Patna. The film begins with theeveryday hustle bustle of the city, and a mirror reflection of Shristi applyingKajal in her eyes, reminiscing the old days when such embellishments wereinsignificant for her. She considered fashion to be more of a demonstration forthe outer world and not necessarily an everyday essential. We see her auntentering the picture at this point, recollecting Shristi’s farewell day atschool, when she considered attending the event wearing her uniform, while herfriends were busy deliberating on dressing up for the day. All her life shenever bothered about fashion and would even consider wearing Hawaii chappals toa wedding. However, she was struck with a setback in her life, where she losther job, a relationship and her confidence, all at one go. This transformed heras a person and she began to grow stronger and soon came to realize that allthat mattered was her individuality and how she is being perceived. Thus beganShristi’s journey to a fashion forward and a more confident person.


As she describesthis, the video takes us back to Shristi getting ready for a morning jog, downthe streets of Danapur in Patna where access to brands has always been achallenge. However, all this changed when Shristi and her family began shoppingon Myntra. Over the years, they have vested their trust on the platform andhave become loyal patrons, to the extent of having a product or two deliveredto her almost every day. 


In the closingscene, everyone is seen getting ready at home with Shristi dressed beautifullyin a Kanjeevaram saree. She exclaims that her life has changed so much that shenow enjoys dressing up for the little things in her life, all thanks to Myntra.She then joins the rest of the family who are delighted to see her in thebeautiful saree and head together for the Ganga Aarti. 

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