N AHaris Foundation organizes teachers day at Bishop Cottons, Bangalore

Bangalore, 14th September: The N. A Haris foundation organized ‘Teachers day” celebration at Bishop Cottons Boys College auditorium today. The program was presided by MLA of Shanthinagar, N AHaris. Other dignitaries present at the event included Home Minister of Karnataka, Ramalinga Reddy, Dr. Abraham Ebenezer and renowned compere and orator Sudha Baragur. The event saw an attendance of teachers from kindergarten and elementary schools to professors from engineering and medical colleges from the constituency of Shanthinagar.

Speaking on the occasion, MLA of Shanthinagar,N AHaris said “It is our moral duty to pay respect and honor our teachers, asthey are role models who mentor children to become good and productive humanbeings. Teachers also develop the creativity of children and kindle a desire inthem to be innovative. On this occasion, I pay my tribute to DrRadhakrishnanand extend my heartiest greetings to all teachers of Shantinagar constituency andthe larger state and country”

Teachers were felicitated and honored for theextensive service in the field of education. Addressing the teachers the MLAsaid “With advancement in technology and trends day by day there is a need forus to update ourselves with newer methods. Before entering into the classroom,a teacher must ask a question to himself, whether he is updated with thechanges that have taken place in his field during the last 24 hours"

N AHaris specially acknowledged and thankedhis parents on this occasion whom he considers his first teachers. His adviceto the teachers was as follows – “There are three types of people in thisworld; one, who preaches all the time, the other who preaches but neverpractices what he preaches and finally, there are those who practice what thepreaches. "Be the last kind," 

Addressing the gathering the Home Minister,Ramalinga Reddy said, “Education is key to success of every individual. Overthe past few decades education has transformed immensely. Bangalore startedgetting exposure and good facilities when Rajiv Gandhi came to power. Eversince there has been constant development in terms of infrastructure andfacilities in the state. The state government is committed to support bothstudents and teachers in all ways”

Speaking on the occasion, MohammedHarisNalapad, Gen secy of Bangalore youth congress said “The incredible jobs ofour teachers have been inextricably connected in nurturing and shaping theminds of our biggest leaders, some of whom have transformed our societallandscape and blazed illustrious paths locally and internationally. Teachersare the role models, mentors, philosophers, guides and that is why teachers areheld at a higher pedestal in our society”

Aspecial question and answer session was organized where the teachers raisedtheir concerns and the MLA N AHaris responded and solved their queries. Aspecial raffle draw was conducted on the occasion, Mr. Shiva Shankar, a kannadaschool teacher won the lucky draw of Rs 1,00,000 which was handed over by thedignitaries on the dais. Mr. Shiva Shankar has pledged the returns from thisamount towards supporting poor children in his school.

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