Namma Bengaluru Foundation organizes Arekere Kere Habba 2017

Bengaluru, February 20, 2017: In a bid to encourage the revival of the neglected Arekere Lake in Hulimavu area, Namma Bengaluru Foundation (NBF) in association with Arekere Neighbourhood Improvement Trust and BGS National Public School organized School the Kere Habba at Arekere Lake.

Kere Habbaseries of lake festivals are events bringing people together for conservation,awareness, education, entertainment, environmental concern and communityparticipation of local lake issues. The objective of this celebration is to encouragepeople to connect with their surroundings, explore and participate inpreserving their lakes and become a stakeholder in keeping it alive. Theevent included painting competition, tree plantation, street play, postermaking among other activities.

As part ofthe series, NBF is conducting Kere Habba for a period of five years from2015-2019, in association with various lake activists to bring people togetheracross the city of Bengaluru. We invite other lake groups as well to comeforward and organize Kere habba in their respective lakes.

Appreciatingthe efforts of the community to preserve Bengaluru lakes, Mr. SridharPabbisetty, CEO, Namma Bengaluru Foundation said, “The Kere Habba is a perfectexample of citizen action and community initiative, coming together to reclaimand protect city’s dying natural heritage. Working on these lakes is also a wayof recapturing our proud history and tradition of Bengaluru. It is encouragingto see community and neighbourhood collaborating to restore, rejuvenate andprotect lakes of Bengaluru. Rising pollution in Bengaluru’s lakes, as wasevinced in Thursday’s fire in Bellandur Lake, is a strong reminder ofour duty as citizens to engage with the government in cleaning up our lakes ona war footing. The initiatives and activities of the Habba will raise awarenessamong citizens, to ensure each one of us take small steps towards a greener andcleaner future for our children”.

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