NASSCOM and Dalian Government to launch collaborative platform to promote IOT & AI cooperation

20th December 2017: India’s National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) and Dalian Municipal People’s Government today signed a joint investment to co-develop a collaborative technology platform, the Sino-Indian Digital Collaboration Plaza (SIDCOP). Powered by AI and IoT, the co-created platform will operate in both online and offline modes, to enable matchmaking between the two ecosystems to leverage each other’s strengths in technology.

Mr. GaganSabharwal, Senior Director, NASSCOM who signed the MOU said, “In this digitalera of convergence, hardware and software lines are merging because consumerstoday demand solutions that are IOT ready. This cooperative partnership that wehave formed with the Government of Dalian will help us create a platform wherecompanies from India and China can come forward to co-develop for globalmarkets by leveraging their respective strengths in hardware and software. Thearrangement that we have carved out with BEST city will serve as a launchpadfor the Indian companies to partner with Chinese enterprises and gain access tothe ever-growing Chinese market. We are committed to creating an ecosystem herewith the help of the Government of Dalian that will make the Chinese market anattractive proposition for Indian companies and this joint initiative is a stepin that direction.”

Mr. Sun, DalianBest City Administrative Committee said, “We, at Dalian BEST City are delightedto reach this understanding with India’s NASSCOM for developing the NASSCOM ITCorridor. We strongly believe this is the innovative step in enhancing andmutually benefiting Chinese and Indian companies in software and servicessector. The SIDCOP platform developed by Zeta-V is an extremely innovative useof digital technologies and shall pave the way for greater and widercooperation amongst our countries.” 

Earlier this year,an MOU was signed between NASSCOM and the Dalian government to promote IOTcollaboration between Chinese and Indian IT companies. Pursuant to this,subsequent discussions at a local level converged upon the idea of setting upthe first NASSCOM IT corridor within Dalian BEST City to promote IoT & AIcooperation between the two nations. This dedicated IT park will be anexclusive place for interested Indian IT providers of all sizes to beginoperations and avail of special policy benefits and incentives provided byDalian BEST City administration. NASSCOM and the Government of Dalian bothagreed to set-up the collaborative platform that could work in online andoffline mode to help establish partnerships for Indian and Chinese companies. 

Zeta-V TechnologySolutions Ltd., a start-up with a local presence in Dalian will be deployed asthe operator of the SIDCOP platform. A digital orchestration company, Zeta-Vwill harness the power of an intelligent ecosystem to minimize the gap betweenidea-generation and value-realization. Automating the requirement torealization (R2R) process, the AI-driven platform will minimize the RFP processat the customer-end by a significant margin. The SIDCOP platform’s serviceswill also include a B2B Intelligent Marketplace, Rule Based e-Procurement andShared Services Command Center. 

“This is anextremely proud and heartening moment for Zeta-V in being chosen as theprincipal enabler of this pioneering initiative from NASSCOM and Dalian BESTCity. We are delighted to play a key role in building this ecosystem of NASSCOMmembers and Chinese companies to help furthering the Sino-Indian collaborationin the new age technology space. We are confident that SIDCOP, our AI poweredintelligent collaboration platform, complimented with offline ground supportshall ensure a seamless and efficient experience for Chinese and Indiancompanies in synergistic and mutual growth,” said Mr. Sujit Chatterjee,Co-Founder & Director at Zeta-V Technology Solutions.

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