NASSCOM Foundation partners with American Express to Encourage Social Innovations

Bangalore, October 17, 2017: NASSCOM Foundation today announced its partnership with American Express to drive social innovation through NASSCOM Foundation’s NASSCOM Social Innovation Forum, and provide free technology education to young girls utilizing the freely available public library space as training centres. American Express will be donating INR 1.32 Crores for these projects from its CSR budgets. Of this total grant amount, INR 1 Crore will be utilized towards NASSCOM Social Innovation Forum in providing grants & mentorship to social innovators in the area of Financial Inclusion, Healthcare &Sanitation, and Environment. The remaining, INR 32 lakhs will be utilized under NASSCOM Foundation’s Indian Public Library Movement to train young girls on technology skills, using public libraries as the training centres. The project – Technology empowering Girls will be run in 4 libraries, catering to a minimum 200 adolescent girls each year, per library.

“As an organization knownfor its service, we are constantly expanding the definition of what that meansto us. We believe giving back to the community is not only integral to runninga business sustainably, but also part of our individual responsibilities ascitizens of the world. In our own experience, the most impactful leadership andinnovation in our company has come from women, and this gives us the sense ofpurpose to partner with NSIF on this initiative to pass the baton to empoweryoung women in the country," said Pradeep Kapur,Senior Vice President, American Express Global Servicing Network – Japan andAsia Pacific.


Shrikant Sinha, CEO, NASSCOMFoundation said, “Most of thesocial issues can be solved using technology as an enabler but the use oftechnology becomes limited to the extent of tech knowledge a person has. We believethat if you train a girl, you train a generation giving them the power tobecome true change agents for the society. We are glad to partner with AmericanExpress, where we are trying to strengthen both the technology based socialinnovation ecosystem and the ease of technology adoption for the underserved.This partnership will also be giving a renewed purpose to the public librariesand we hope that more corporates come forward to help reimagine and repositionour public libraries as the centre of our community engagement.”


NASSCOM Social InnovationForum (NSIF) is India’s largest platform to foster innovative use of technologyto create sustained social impact. The program instituted since 2008,identifies, honours and supports, innovative Information and CommunicationsTechnology (ICT) based projects, products and solutions that have the potentialto address critical gaps in key developmental areas and contribute to inclusivegrowth. 


With support from American Express, NASSCOM Social Innovation Forum would beable to provide grants worth INR 10 lakhs each to five winners across thecategories - Financial Inclusion,Healthcare & Sanitation, and Environment. The remaining grantwill be utilized to further build capacity, mentor and enhance the efficienciesof the winners. Through this onboard, American express joins Mphasis,in becoming the official partner for NASSCOM Social Innovation Forum, where thelatter will be supporting the social innovations in the areas of Education andAccessibility. 


The selected winners will also be provided with a12-month Support to Scale Mentoring by experts in the industry as well asaccess to NASSCOM Foundation’s network of tech for good leaders in the country.The Forum aims to drive CSR capital to encourage and scale innovations acrossrelevant and topical themes in the country.


Applications for NSIF areopen until 31st October, 2017.


Indian Public LibraryMovement (IPLM) is a multi-stakeholder initiative hosted by NASSCOMFoundation (NF), in collaboration with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation(BMGF). IPLM focuses on repositioning public libraries into ‘vibrant andinclusive knowledge spaces’ and as institutions responsive to community needs.

In partnership with American Express, IPLM will berunning, ‘Technology empowering Girls’ program across 4 public libraries in theNCR region. The Public library spaces will be used to empower a minimum of 800underserved girls from 12 – 22 years of age on new-age technology tools likemobile phones, computers, tablets etc. Once trained, the girls will be able tosend email, connect on social media, buy from ecommerce websites, pay billsonline, use maps, check whether forecast and will even learn how to use theInternet to avail various government services such as registering for Aadharcards, ration cards, PAN cards, and others. This will also enable them to useinnovative technology-based solutions to help them resolve key gender equalityissues like violence, health, and economic and political empowerment. This willalso encourage girls to further undertake IT education and become a part of onethe fastest growing industry in India. 

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