National Geographic India announces SPOTLIGHT

Chennai, January 23, 2021: National Geographic India, with its rich legacy of 130+ years of authentic and immersive storytelling, announces the launch of its brand new programming - ‘SPOTLIGHT’ which will exclusively premiere best-in-class, much-acclaimed films every Saturday starting January 23, 2021.

National Geographic India’s SPOTLIGHT will present a series of provocative and globally relevant documentaries from the very best filmmakers in the world. With a robust line-up of films such as Rebuilding Paradise, The Cave, The Last Ice, The Virus Hunters, and films from world renowned directors such as Ron Howard, James Cameron, Leonardo DiCaprio and many more; viewers will be taken on an awe-inspiring journey with premium, high quality and entertaining programming; true to the iconic style of storytelling of National Geographic. The engrossing and unique lineup will showcase films with thought-provoking subjects from women empowerment and environmental issues to political disruption; each accompanied by stunning visuals and breath-taking cinematography.  

“With SPOTLIGHT, we are bringing the best of National Geographic stories that will push the boundaries of knowledge and understanding of our world through the beauty and power of filmmaking. Working with world class creative talent and film makers from across the world. SPOTLIGHT’s exclusive line-up will take its viewers on an interesting and mind-awakening journey that will transform the way they perceive the world,” said Kevin Vaz, President & Head - Infotainment, Kids & Regional Entertainment Channels, Star & Disney India 

Some films premieres on SPOTLIGHT mentioned below.   

Virus Hunters will reveal the raw and chilling stories of those heroic experts currently searching to identify the chain of events that could cause the next global pandemic. 

The Cave is an unflinching story of the Syrian war, in the underground hospital known as the Cave where 3 women doctors claimed their right to work as equals to males despite living in the oppressively patriarchal culture that exists.  

Rebuilding paradise gives a glimpse of the tragic disaster of the deadliest camp fire in Paradise, California and how the community came together to recover what was lost and begin the important task of rebuilding.  

Blood on the Wall explores the depths of corruption plaguing Mexico and Central America and the policies of the past that have made it impossible for everyday people to find justice. 

The Last Ice tells the story of Inuit communities fighting to protect the rapidly disappearing Arctic that has been their home for centuries. 

Akashinga: The Brave Ones tells the story of an All-Female Anti-Poaching Unit in Zimbabwe that is facing down poachers and saving wildlife.  

Lost and Found is an inspiring story of humanity and heroism in the world’s largest refugee camp that follows Kamal Hussein, a Rohingya refugee who dedicated his life to reuniting children with their parents. 

The Nightcrawlers is an unflinching exposé of Philippines President Duterte’s war on drugs in which some claim over 20,000 people have been killed. 

National Geographic India’s SPOTLIGHT will premiere a fresh film every Saturday, starting January 23, 2021  

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