National Sexual Reproductive Health Awareness Day Special

Hyderabad, February 11th, 2019: On the occasion of “Sexual Reproductive Health Awareness Day” being observed on February 12th by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, DocOnline, a Hyderabad-based telemedicine-focused company, has conducted a survey among 5000 citizens between the ages of 18 to 50 years. The survey reveals an alarming increase in ‘sexual health and reproductive’ problems owing to increase in porn consumption, which is one of the important factors.

Out of the total number of people observed, 3500 are males and 1500 are females:


S. No.





Percentage who watch porn




Dissatisfied Sexual Life




Visit to Relationship Counsellors / Psychological Counselling




Lacking interest / involvement during intercourse




Going through a break-up/ divorce




Unable to reach conceiving stage without medical help



With access to smart phones becoming easy and data charges crashing down, daily / regular porn consumption has increased by 75% since 2017. Increase in consumption of porn, there is a profound impact on the sexual and reproductive healthcare over the past two years; so much so that if it is not checked, it can have adverse societal impact.

In these 2 years, voracious viewing of porn has contributed significantly and manifested itself by presenting the above problems and behavioral issues. Their psychological aspect is badly dented owing to the large gap between what they see and the reality, which they can never bridge.

Besides, even to replicate the same pleasure watched in porn, people need to be more aware of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases), especially if they are involved with more than one partner. Hence, Safe Sex practices are also an important aspect of this day.

Additionally, given the digital age, work stress, societal pressure, peer pressure, excessive use of laptops, mobile phones and especially Wi-fi are known to cause a drop in libido and the performance as well.  Besides, family pressure to have children, the entire environmental setup and ecosystem also add to the stress, often leaving one to turn to watch porn for relief.

It has been noticed that people who are concerned about progressive measures for themselves or their loved ones are taking to online doctor consultations, which is on the rise. It is simple, easy and effective as patients can talk to their doctors in complete privacy.

Commenting on the findings, Dr. Syed Abrar Kareem, Consultant Physician, DocOnline said, “Excessive consumption of anything will have an adverse or negative effect! And over consumption of porn on the internet too has its share of adverse effect on our society. Increased indulge in virtual porn and self-indulge is leading to decrease in sexual appetite among both men and women! It is responsibility of every individual and every parent and teacher to ensure youngsters are educated to ensure they take the right approach towards sex.”

Preventive healthcare through online doctor consultation platforms can help ease this precipitation into a biological abyss. The problem is turning into endemic and massive increase in infertility clinics across Hyderabad indicates the seriousness of the problem.

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