Navrachna School, Vadodara victorious at the Grand Finale of News Wiz 2017

New Delhi 22 November, 2017 - India’s Biggest News Quiz show came to an end with high octane performance by Navrachna School. After 3 months of prelims and semi-final rounds, the top 3 teams met at the Grand Finale of News Wiz 2017. Vidya Mandir Sr. Secondary school Chennai was represented by Rahul and Aditya. Navrachna School Vadodara sent Sujay and Amar. Hayden and Ritwik came from St.Joseph's Boys High School Bangalore.

In thesecond edition News Wiz has become bigger with increased reach, touching over2000 schools. The focus of News Wiz in 2017 was to reach out to every corner ofIndia and teams from as remote stations as Lakshwadeep also participated thoughthey missed out narrowly to make it to the TV rounds. Another team fromSrinagar made it all the way to the semi-finals, proving that children fromconflict zones can take on the best in the country and come through with flyingcolors.

After 2months of elimination exercises, 27 teams qualified for the 13 rounds broadcaston TV the last of which was the Grand Finale where the 3 finalists played forthe title of News Wiz 2017.

At stake wasnot only the coveted shield but prizes galore - cash prizes, hotel stays,mobile handsets, tablets, Everyone was a winner at News Wiz 2017. The finalswere played out in front of a live audience and all 3 participating schoolswere connected through 2 way satellite hookups. The 3 teams were equally matchedand till the last few questions of the final buzzer round, there never was aclear winner. Navrachna school showed their mettle as they kept their nerves topull through right at the end. News Wiz is a big example that shows how Indiahas tuned into the importance of news with a reach of over 2 Million. Data fromBARC also shows that News Wiz has been the No. 1 show on its telecast inMegacities – Source (BARC, TG: Males 22+AB, Sunday 1700-1800 Hrs,Wk-41 to Wk-44, Mkt:- Megacities)

The Chairmanand Editor in chief of the India Today Group handed over the News Wiz 2017Shield to Sujay and Amar also promised an even better and bigger News Wizseason 3 in 2018.

 "The Tree of Knowledge team is delighted that Newswiz has once again put thezing back into quizzing, with hard-fought & closely contested rounds whichwent down to the wire in every episode. It's a vindication of our format. We'repleased too that participating teams of super-sharp & fiercely competitivemillennials came from different corners of the country, and were so clued in tonews and current affairs, making for a thriller of a contest throughout theseason."

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