NEC contributes to safety in New Delhi with facial recognition pilot test

New Delhi & Tokyo, August 3, 2017 - NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) today announced that its subsidiary NEC India Pvt. Ltd. and the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) have started testing an intelligent video surveillance system using facial recognition technologies.

The test will be conducted for two months at Central Park, New Delhi,as part of the NDMC’s initiative to make the city smarter, safer and moreefficient under the Indian Government’s plan to build 100-smart cities acrossthe country.


NEC has deployed closed-circuit television(CCTV) surveillance cameras at Central Park and surrounding areas formonitoring the area from a control room. The company’s intelligent videosurveillance system will perform real-time matching of people entering the parkagainst the NDMC’s watch list of preregistered individuals, which enables theNDMC to automatically identify and detect a person of interest from CCTVfootage and to rapidly take appropriate action to reduce the risk of publicsafety threats.

At the heart of the intelligent video surveillance system is NEC’sNeoFace® Watch facial recognition software. NEC’s facial recognition algorithmhas achieved the worlds’ highest performance evaluation (*) for the fourthconsecutive time in vendor tests carried out by the U.S. National Institute ofStandards and Technology (NIST).


Shri Naresh Kumar, Chairman of the New Delhi Municipal Council said,“Central park is the emblematic heart of the country. Enhancing ourtechnologies and infrastructure is part of our roadmap towards fulfilling our goalsof becoming the global benchmark for a capital city.  we are glad to partner with NEC India toenhance the safety and security of the community.”


"This project is another example of NEC'sleading position in the field of public safety. We are delighted with theopportunity to work closely with the New Delhi Municipal Council incontributing to the state’s vision of creating a better society and a safeenvironment for its residents. We will continue to work in collaboration withthe New Delhi Municipal Council to build a safer, secure and smarter Indiansociety through provision of our cutting edge safety solutions,’’ said TakayukiInaba, Managing Director, NEC India Pvt. Ltd.

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