Need Greener playgrounds & well-trained referees to improve football says Pawan munjal

Bangalore, March 15, 2018 Outlining the key initiatives required to nurture the country’s young football talent and make India a globally competitive footballing nation, Pawan Munjal today said he is confident that “it is a matter of just a few years before football will be the chosen sport for millions of Indians.”

 Commenting on the measures needed to take Indianfootball to its next level, Munjal said “There is a need to developplaygrounds with good quality grass cover so that our budding players are notafraid of making diving tackles for the fear of picking up injuries. Then weneed better sports medicine specialists attached to the teams so that theinjuries are treated expeditiously and appropriately. We also need to train andgroom referees at the grassroots so that they gain enough confidence toofficiate at the highest level without getting intimidated.”

 “These three measures will certainly go a long wayin instilling a lot of confidence in our young players and preparing them forthe intensely competitive big leagues at the global level,” Munjal –the Chairman, MD & CEO of Hero MotoCorp, the world’s largest two-wheelermanufacturer and one of the biggest corporate supporters of football in India,said.

 Munjal also called for a more collaborative effortbetween the private sector and the government bodies to create the right kindof infrastructure for the growth of football in the country. He added, “Theefforts of the corporates need the government’s support for their initiativesto succeed. This can be in the form of developing more playgrounds and stadiumsand all other necessary infrastructural facilities.”  

Sharing hisviews ahead of the Final of the Hero Indian Super League that is scheduledon March 17, 2018 in Bengaluru, Munjal said “In just fiveyears, the Hero ISL has inspired millions of youngsters across the country totake up the sport. Football has made huge strides in the past five years, notjust in the traditional bastions of Kerala, West Bengal and Goa, but also inother parts of the country. Over the past 10 years, north-eastern states suchas Meghalaya and Manipur have made immense progress, and young footballers fromthese states are today making their mark at the national level.”

 “Theplayers are ready and the resources are available. The only thing that isrequired is consistent commitment on the part of administrators, stateassociations, clubs and coaches to give their best for the game,” Munjal said.

 HeroMotoCorp is the title sponsor of all the major domestic football leagues in thecountry, including the Hero Indian Super League, Hero I-Leagues, Hero Women’sLeague, Hero Super Cup and the Hero Intercontinental Cup. Hero MotoCorp wasalso the National Supporter of the FIFA U-17 World Cup held in India last year.Hero MotoCorp is the Team Sponsor of the Indian national men’s and women’sfootball teams across age groups.

 On our part as long-term supporters, we are committed to continuing tocontribute towards the creation of a sporting culture in the country, and weare convinced that football has huge potential to be a positive influencer forthe youth. We are determined to play the role of a catalyst – a change agent –in bringing about a complete transformation in the ‘culture’ of football inIndia,” Munjalsaid.

 “Ifwe collectively put our hearts to it, it is a matter of just a few years beforefootball will be the chosen sport for millions of Indians. Simultaneously, theimmense talent that lies latent within the country will begin to express itselfon the world stage,” he added.

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