Neonatal screening is a must have awareness for ‘parents to be’

After delivery, newborn screening is the first and foremost important test to be done for a baby. All the parents are given this opportunity to have their babies screened for various rare but serious disorders. These tests look for developmental, metabolic and genetic disorders after birth in a baby. The early diagnosis ensures early treatment before the symptoms start.

Most of thebabies are born healthy except for some who may suffer from serious medicalailment which maybe genetic. Just in case to make sure that the baby doesnot  become sick after growing up, certain diagnosis are must for earlytreatment and a normal growth of the baby.​​

Though basicscreening tests are done immediately after the delivery to diagnose anycongenital condition, many parents are still unaware of any supplementalscreening which may be a mandate for the baby in the later stages.

Sometimesspecial treatment may be required for certain medical conditions that developin babies born prematurely or with low birth weight. Special screening may berequired for such infants as more than one blood withdrawal may be needed foraccurate results and diagnosis.  

“Many newparents are unaware of how many tests and treatments their newborns willreceive. Testing and preventive care for the baby starts during the pregnancyitself by injections through the mother. TDAP vaccinations during pregnancywill help prevent some serious conditions when the baby is born. Even thoughthe ‘mother to be’ would have taken the injection previously, it is one of themandates for the infant to boost immunity.  Whooping cough is one of theleading causes for infant mortality or leading to terminal or chronicconditions. Prevention against tetanus, cough and diphtheria ensures better anda healthy growth.” Says CA (Dr) Ruchi Gupta, Founder and CEO,

The baby issafe from infections when it is inside the womb. It is safe due to mothers’immunity and prenatal vaccinations administered to her. In India, when thebabies are born they are prescribed to immunize with various vaccinations.

“The earlyfew years are very critical for Infant as they also develop speaking andlanguage skills. If hearing loss will be detected early, it can be treated toprevent interference with the development in the further stages.” AddedDr Gupta

Blood testalso known as ‘heel prick‘ test which should be performed within 48 hours ofbirth. This test is done by pricking baby’s heel and putting few drops of bloodon a special filter paper. It is done to detect developmental, metabolic andgeneric disorders that ultrasounds scans are unable to detect.

The bloodtest will help to evaluate any chance of potential complication that may needto be addressed. In the second phase there will be a quick check to analyzebehaviour, breathing, activity and skin color.

3Hcare isone such online platform that is helpful for the parents to be aware of themust have diagnostic tests. Complete neonatal care is available at the vicinitywith the best in class diagnostic facilities for the complete care of thenewborn. 

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