to Conduct seminar on IAS Toppers Strategy for Prelims & Mains Cutting Edge Technology Platform Brings the Best and Affordable online Classrooms for Civil Services and Competitive Exams to students’ fingertips is conducting   a seminaron IAS Toppers Strategy for Prelims & Mains on Sunday 20th May2018 at Sagar Party Hall, P.No 827, Vijaya Nagar, 4th MainRoad, Near BSVP School, Bengaluru 

 Exampreparation in India has always been concentrated to a few cities. Top teachersin these cities have always been a valued commodity. With aspirants relocatingto Kota for IIT/PMT, Delhi for IAS/IES and the like, as a norm. Many havetried to address this in different ways. Quite a few have set up VSAT centres,franchise in other cities. Some existing institutes have gone online with theirown content.  A few have created open online marketplaces while targetingto enable more than 10,000 teachers to come and teach. More than 90% seriousaspirants still continue to relocate to the same cities, to study from the sameteachers and spend huge amount of money.  The cutting edge technologyplatform bridges the challenges of  many aspirants and help them realisingtheir dream.  

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