NephroPlus Repeats History through the 2nd edition of World’s One & Only Dialysis Olympiad

New Delhi, October 31st 2017: NephroPlus, India’s largest dialysis delivery network, hosted the second edition of the world’s one and only Dialysis Olympiad in Thyagaraj Sports Complex, New Delhi today. The Olympics style event conducted exclusively for those on dialysis was attended by more than 800 participants on dialysis from different parts of the country.

Driven by aguest-centric (at NephroPlus all patients are called guests) approach,NephroPlus strives to encourage people on dialysis to lead lives as close tonormal as possible, letting them work, travel and have fun. Taking this visionfurther, Dialysis Olympiad unrolled a series of events like Cricket, Running,Cycling, Basketball, Table Tennis, Sudoku and Carrom to further instill in themconfidence to lead lives optimistically and happily. The winners of theserespective events were awarded with gold, silver and bronze medals.  

NephroPlushas always designed innovative solutions to enhance the quality of lives of itspatrons. This year’s Dialysis Olympiad was therefore kicked off early thismonth, by conducting a record breaking longest bike expedition (400 km) fromJalandhar to New Delhi. Six bikers, accompanied by a team of doctors andnurses, covered sectors of Ludhiana, Khanna, Ambala, Kurukshetra, Panipat, andSonipat over four days – thus - reinstating that with the backing ofexpert care, anybody can dare to dream big and achieve their dreams. 

The firstedition of the event which was held in 2015 in Hyderabad, witnessedparticipation from 600 champions across the country, who fought their illnessto reveal their undying spirit.  This event truly empowers thedialysis community to dream big and help them achieve confidence to live lifeto the fullest. 

VikramVuppala, Founder and CEO, NephroPlus said, “Two years back, when we hadconducted the first edition of Dialysis Olympiad, it was considered arevolutionary moment in medical history. Convincing the dialysis community toindulge in physically challenging activities was a herculean task. But with ourexpertise, confidence in innovating with our services and reach across thelength and bread of the country, this year we were able to increase theparticipation for the event.” 

Adding tothis, Sohil Bhagat, Vice President – Strategy, NephroPlus remarked,“Though kidney failure is a medical condition, there is a huge psychologicalcomponent to it. We are committed to elevating the psyche and quality of livesof the dialysis community. Therefore, we take pride in announcing thecommendable participation we received this year and would like to extend ourdeepest gratitude to every participant who demonstrated their will to win,believed in us and together helped in repeating history.”  

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