Ness ConductsNessathon in Slovakia and Romania

Oct 30, 2018 – Ness Digital Engineering,a global provider of digital transformation and custom software engineering services,recently brought the latest iteration of its Nessathon-2018 (a hackathon for the Nessians)to its Technology Innovation Centers in Kosice, Slovakia; Timisoara, Romania; and Iasi, Romania. The hackathon event received an enthusiastic response from employees, and 14 teams participated to showcase their innovative ideas and creative thinking.

The Nessathon was focused on one central theme:‘How to Build Accelerators for Software Delivery.’ The event was aimed at challengingNess’s highly-talented software developers to generate innovative ideas for new solutions that can further add value to the services Ness provides. 

The 14 competitive teams demonstrated their ideas to a panel of four judges from the participating centers. A team from Kosice emerged as the Nessathon winner. The team built an accelerator that automates and enhances the regression tests selection process. Not only did many new ideas emerge from this event, but the winning Kosice team also receivedpasses to the AI World Summit, held from 10 October to 11 October, plus a trip to various tourist destinations in Amsterdam. A team from Iasi and a team from Timisoara also received passes to the AI World Summit as runners-up in the event.

The winning team commented, “Nessathon was a great experience and a source of knowledge. It’s indeed an exclusive platform to showcase the talents of the Nessians across the Technology Innovation Centers in Kosice, Timisoara, and Iasi. All of the participants shared a passion for exploring new opportunities to build accelerators for effective software delivery. It was really exciting to compete with our colleagues, and we are equally proud to be winners of this event.”

Emil Constantinescu, Senior Software Engineer from Ness’ Timisoara center, who was one of Nessathon jury panelists, noted, “The overall energy and variety of the projects was great. Teams came up with compelling solutions to address significant business problems. As a jury member, I congratulate each ofthe teams and the organizers who did a wonderful job in running the event.”

“I am thrilled by the kind of ideas we have generated, and it has proved time and again that such hackathons are breeding grounds for Ness to cultivate talent and ideas,” said Anand Subramanian, Senior Vice President-Delivery and Global Head of the Engineering Automation Practice at Ness. “This hackathon is an important initiative in our Engineering Automation practice.We’re looking forward to the next Nessathon-2018 at the Ness Hyderabad Technology Innovation Center.” 

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