Nestlé Healthy Kids Programme launched in Jammu

Nestlé India in association with Magic Bus India Foundation, launched the Nestlé Healthy Kids programme in Jammu for encouraging healthier living among adolescents by creating awareness regarding nutrition, health, wellness and active living. This programme will reach out to 1500 adolescents from communities in Jammu. The Nestlé Healthy Kids Programme has been developed with a focus to provide nutrition education to adolescents. Along with students, this programme also includes interaction with parents through workshops to encourage them to implement healthy habits at home

Speaking at thelaunch event, Ms. Priya Sethi,Hon'ble Minister of State for Education, Technical Education, Culture, Tourism,Horticulture, Floriculture & Parks, Government of Jammu & Kashmir, said, ‘’Nutrition plays akey role in laying a healthy foundation and therefore it is critical to ensurethat individuals develop good nutritional habits from the early years of lifeand guidance from parents is equally important. Education and awareness play akey role in determining good health and I appreciate the efforts being made byNestlé India in partnership with Magic Bus. I hope that together we will beable to bring about healthy smiles on many young faces in the state.”


Commenting on theoccasion, Mr. Sanjay Khajuria,Senior Vice President - Corporate Affairs, Nestlé India said, “Webelieve that health and nutrition plays a very significant role in helpingshape better lives. Designed specifically for adolescents in government schoolsand communities, the Nestlé Healthy Kids Programme aims to create awarenessregarding nutrition, health, wellness and active living. We want to worktowards better understanding of the value of good nutrition amongst communitiesto help them lead active and healthy lives.”


Nestlé India’spartnership with Magic Bus began in 2014, and has till date reached out toaround 150,000 adolescents. For the Nestlé Healthy Kids Programme, MagicBus has created and customised its existing curriculum into three major bucketswith the objective of raising awareness on ‘Nutrition and Health’, ‘GettingActive’ and ‘Hygiene and Sanitation’ amongst children in communities andgovernment schools. 

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