New devices can cure aneurysm in India, says international doctors at ANVI

Gurugram: The recently held International conference ANVI 2018, on technological advancements in the treatment of brain Aneurysm concluded on Saturday. This is the first ever conference on Aneurysm to happen in India where experts from all over the world discussed new devices and technologies for the cure of Aneurysm.

“One of the major highlights of the conference was the live video of case studies from Germany and Spain. The treatment was done for complex aneurysm using the devices that are currently not used in India. The device not only treats aneurysm, but also preserves the damaged blood vessels, making the patient recover quickly. This was a great learning experience for all the doctors and early career interventionist.” Dr Vipul Gupta, Organizing Chairman & Director – Neurointerventional Surgery, Agrim Institute ofNeurosciences, Artemis Hospital   

Over 300 delegates had participated in the event withInternational faculties from UK, France, Germany, Japan and India showcasedlive case studies, workshops and talk shows on the technical advancements andbetter treatment options available for aneurysm in India. Development isexpected to happen in the field of aneurysm treatment, with new devices andscreening options for early stage intervention of the disease to preventrupturing of the blood vessels.                                

“Due to poor lifestyle habits like excessive smoking,binge alcoholism and history of hypertension among the Indian population, theblood vessels get ruptured even with 1-2mm of aneurysm as compared to 6-7mm inWestern countries.” Added Dr Gupta, who has treated over 2000 aneurysmpatients.     

Dr Gupta and team have already worked upon how to treateven the minutest aneurysm of size less than 2mm using coiling technique. Thepapers have already been published in the American Journals and are the firstof its kind from India.

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