New Generation of CouponZeta, with Unbelievable Growth & Ultimate New Features unveiled

Hyderabad, Telangana, October 11, 2017 -- With prices of almost every service or product increasing every day, online shopping has turned into a popular way to shop and save money. With online shopping, customers enjoy the convenience, doorstep delivery, world-class customer support, and last but not the least- exceptional deals. CouponZeta being a popular coupons and deals website makes it easier for the consumers to find amazing coupons for their favorite online stores. Over the months, the CouponZeta platform has grown by leaps and bounds and has now become a go-to option for consumers looking for services or products online. Shoppers can find 300+ newly added coupons on the site every day, covering all major categories like Swiggy Coupons from Food Category, MakeMyTrip Coupons from Travel category etc.

Recently, they added severalultimate features and design enhancements that can bring more benefits andconvenience for online shoppers. According to the Design Head of the couponwebsite, they understand that by providing enhanced convenience andthe best of features to the shoppers they can grow further. He speaks aboutsome of the new and unique features added to the site, which are given below.

-Notification Service

On any particular store onCouponZeta, a customer can see a Bell icon at the rightside bottom of thescreen. By clicking on this button, one can subscribe to all the latest couponsand deals from the website and can receive notifications about the latest offerson a desktop or on a mobile device.

-Deal of the Day

Customers can find the “Dealof the Day” button in the menu bar and when clicked, they will land on a pagewith the best deals of the day, chosen carefully by the CouponZeta team. 

-Suggested Coupons

While checking a pagerelated to a particular offer, customers can find a suggested coupon related tothe same niche. This is specially suggested by the CouponZeta team to knowabout the best similar niche offer available from another merchant. 

Speaking about thisparticular feature, the spokesperson of the website reveals while checking forthe coupons on electronics at a merchant page, one can find a suggested couponon the same page with the best offer on electronics from any one of the relevantmerchants, such as the Amazon India Coupons page. Along with such anoutstanding feature, CouponZeta has around 313 Exclusive Coupons listed inrelevant merchant pages which users can only find on CouponZeta Website.

Besides new features, theDesign Head of the company also throws light on the design changes that nowmake CouponZeta the most user-friendly coupon website for Indian onlineshoppers. Some of these notable changes include-

·         The home page of the website recently wentthrough a major update. The design is now much more organized and easy to theeyes. All the different menu buttons, search bar, popular offers, popularstores and trending offers are neatly arranged to offer an enhanced convenienceto the users.

·         Even the merchant pages have been improved tohelp the Shoppers. Along with filters, CouponZeta mainly focuses on the userexperience by making Editor's pick and Exclusive Coupon identifiable for the visitors.

More Mobile Friendly with the Unique Mobile ViewFeature

The spokesperson revealsthat CouponZeta is now more mobile friendly, allowing shoppers to do shoppingfrom their mobile phones and a special care has been given to make sure thatCouponZeta is highly mobile responsive. The mobile view of the website is agreat way to get amazing deals and discounts when shopping on-the-go.  The mobile view ofCouponZeta is not less than any app as it is fully optimized and more reliablefor the mobile users and they are also working on the Mobile App which isexpected to launch by the end of this year. With a major focus on user-friendlydesign, enhanced convenience and 100% genuine coupons, CouponZeta is sure toachieve many more milestones in the future too.   

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