Newcastle University’s Employability Seminar in India

Bengaluru, June 21, 2018:Newcastle University, UK, a major research-intensive university, located in Newcastle upon Tyne in the north-east of England, concluded its last leg of the employability seminar in Chennai. The seminar had started from June 15, 2018 in Delhi followed by Mumbai and Bangalore for offer holding students consideringa course of studyatNewcastle University, UK for the 2018/19 academic year.

The seminarwas arranged for the students and parents to get insights of the universitylife and career prospects during and after studying at Newcastle University.Faculty members from Newcastle University International Office, BusinessSchool, Engineering and Biosciencescame to India to be a part of this seminarand help students get all the required information. Present at the event wereMs. Naomi Oosman - Watts, Assistant Director (Career Management) - CareersService, Dr. Kamelia Boodhoo,     Readerin Sustainable Process Technology and International Co-ordinator -  School of Engineering, Ms. Laura Mitford,International Student Recruitment Manager - Faculty of Medical Sciences, Ms.Sarah Beech, International Recruitment Manager - Business School and Ms. PreetyBansal, Country Manager- India

Commentingon the Employability Seminar, Ms. Preety Bansal, Country Manager-India,Newcastle University-UK, said, “Acknowledging the fact that one of the topconcerns of any international student is ‘Employability and career support’,Newcastle University decided to host ‘Employability Seminars’ to showcase theexcellent Careers support the University offers in helping our students preparefor employment whilst they are with us and after they graduate. The platformalso provided a good opportunity for our offer holders to speak to us face toface and get answers to all their queries, needed for an informed decisionmaking.”Furthering on it Ms. Bansal said, “We also announced our GREAT IndiaScholarships during the events, which are 100 % scholarships for meritoriousstudents. The events were very well received, and the feedback suggests thatthis has helped our offer holders gain full confidence on their decision of studyingat Newcastle”

The seminarcommenced with an introduction session between the students which was followedby Ms. Watts sharingdetails about how the university helps its students make acareer that allows them global-mobility and opens international links for themthrough their network around the world. Sharing theexperience of the Employability Seminar in India Ms. Wattssaid, “It was a real pleasure to come to these events in India and be able tomeet such talented and enthusiastic students who have selected NewcastleUniversity as their destination of choice. As one of the largest careersservices in the UK we have an extremely comprehensive programme of support foremployability including individual support for students, placements andinternships as well as a bespoke offer for students joining us from India.”Adding on she shares, “The students we met at the events were well informed andambitious about their future careers, we were able to provide them withinformation and advice on how to make the most out of their time at Universityto enhance their career prospects.”

Ms. Watts’presentation highlighted that Newcastle University is ‘one of the most targeteduniversities’ among employers in the UK. She also shared with thestudents’information aboutspecial services such as assisting students withplacement opportunities and on the Campus jobs for the students to gain parttime work experience during the course.The seminar was followed by an openhouse for asking questions, where the students enquired about the variousscholarship details. There were many queries about the various accommodationfacilities and the way to ensure employment after the completion of the course.

Themainpurpose behind this event was to address the queries of the students who wantedto apply to Newcastle University.

Sharing theexperience at the seminar, GiridharVenkatraman,our offer holder said, “I'vechosen to pursue a master's in International Marketing from Newcastle. It is asolid choice owing not just to the progressive course, but also theuniversity's support by having me as a recipient of the prestigious ViceChancellor's Excellence Scholarship worth 50% of the tuition fee. The supportteams in India and in the UK were very helpful and understanding, giving me enoughleeway and support when I had a few issues of my own. The employability seminarwas both informative and reassuring that kick-starting a career in the UK waswell within the realm of possibilities. Overall, I've been nothing but happywith how things have turned out, thanks to Newcastle University!

EmployabilitySeminar is an annual event hosted by Newcastle University for the Indianstudents to get better insights about the university and have a clear picturebefore they head to the U.K to study. The seminar helps the students tounderstand the pre-departure and post departure requirements and what theirinitial days at the university will look like. This is followed by explainingto the students the appropriate steps they should take to enhance theiropportunities for employment after the completion of the course.

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