Nicotex® partners with BEST in its journey for becoming Tobacco Free Workplace

Mumbai, May 31, 2018: On the occasion of World No Tobacco Day, Nicotex®, one of the leading brands in Smoking cessation category announced its partnership with The Brihanmumbai Electricity Supply and Transport Undertaking (BEST), in line with overall efforts of BEST of being a Tobacco Free workplace. The partnership has enabled Nicotex® training more than 100 BEST doctors, pharmacists and depot managers across Mumbai for conducting awareness camps on the right dosage and treatment associated with quitting tobacco with the help of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). A 12-week free NRT Therapy for 500 BEST employees also has been announced as an effort towards motivating the employees to quit consuming tobacco.

Nicotex® has also installed publicawareness message boards in all the 3,500 BEST busses that run in Mumbai alongwith Public service message scheduled to be published on the BEST electricitybills for the month of June. Additionally, Nicotex® will alsodrive awareness of tobacco cessation among BEST employees and passengers byconducting awareness camps today at 26 BEST depots for employees and awarenesssessions in 10 BEST busses and 10 BEST terminals for passengers. 

Commenting on the occasion Ms. Anshul Mishra,Category Director, Cipla Health Ltd. Said, “It’s our immense pleasureto partner with BEST in its journey to become a tobacco free workplace, asquitting tobacco isn’t easy. It’s an emotional battle not just for the personwho consumes tobacco but also for his/her family. Nicotex® iscommitted to support them in their journey to quit tobacco and improve their lives.The association with BEST is one of the steps in aligning ourselves to thenational goal of reducing 20% of the tobacco use in country by 2020 and aim tomotivate maximum number of BEST employees to quit tobacco consumption habits.” 

Commenting on the occasion Dr. Anil KumarSingal, CMO, BEST Undertaking said, “In 2014 we realized that morethan 50% of our employees are addicted to tobacco and initiated a campaign-Tobacco Free Workplace. Through this association with Cipla Health, we areconfident to convince more than 7,000 employees to quit consuming tobacco byAugust 2018.” 

Nicotex® will also felicitate all theBEST employees who successfully quit their tobacco consumption habit on BESTdivas scheduled to be organized onAugust 7, 2018. 

About Nicotex®ACipla Health owned brand Nicotex®, is a leading smoking cessationbrand that helps you quit smoking using the principle of Nicotine ReplacementTherapy (NRT). NRT is recommended as the first line of agent for smoking cessationby leading world bodies like World Health Organization (WHO) and US FDA. Atwelve-week program using Nicotex® can help you get back tolife without dependence on cigarettes. Nicotex® provides theNicotine that one normally gets from cigarettes, but in a lower quantity thanfrom cigarettes. Over a period of time it allows the body to gradually adjustto the reduced 

supply of Nicotine until it no longer needs any. It isavailable in 2 formats, Nicotine gums and patches.

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