NIE alumni releases a fictional romantic novel: “Untold Words of a Heart”

Mysore, 14th May 2019: Balasubramanya Matta, alumnus of 2016 batch of NIE released his novel on “Untold Words of a Heart” in the city recently. Untold words of a heart is a fictional romance. A light-hearted young boy Riyal sees Aadya for the first time in his educational consultancy while applying for masters in the same university as hers. He thought, it was all just an infatuation, but it was only after a few years Aadya came into his life and everything changed.

Speaking about the launch of his book, author Balasubramanya said, “It is really exciting for me to be honoured this way. I started drafting the story in January 2018 and took nearly 8 months to finish it. It was hard in the beginning for me to connect things and make it an interesting read. It cannot be vague even though I had stated the story as fictional. So, I had to spend a lot of time to make it seem factual. Lots of love to those who had supported me during the entire journey and helping me to be the author of the best-selling book”. 

The novel published by Adhyyan Books is available in paperback and kindle version. 

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