NIIT announces strategic initiative to drive cultures of service excellence across organization

Chennai, 2 November 2017: NIIT Limited, a global leader in Skills and Talent Development,entered into a strategic partnership with UP! Your Service, the global leader in creating cultures of service excellence worldwide.Founded by Ron Kaufman, the globally renowned Service Culture Consultant,UP! Your Service works with organizations across the world, equipping them with customer service principles, training tools, and best practices to make their strategy of continuous service improvement come alive – to make it real, scalable, and sustainable.Under this partnership NIIT will help implement a culture of service excellence across organizations using UP! Your Service’s global expertise and tools in this area.

NIIT’spartnership with UP! Your Service is a strategic move to expand its CorporateLearning portfolio to deliver internal and external cultures of ServiceExcellence.In addition to its cutting-edge Managed Training Services (MTS),NIIT will now offer services like Service Culture Indicator, Service LeaderWorkshops, and Service Excellence Workshops to take organizations to a newlevel of service that is enabled by fundamental principles and actionablemodels. Through this tie-up with UP! Your Service,NIIT aims to create a hugedifference in the way organizations work to create value for their customersand colleagues. 

Speaking onthissignificant partnership, Mr. Sapnesh Lalla, CEO, NIITLimited, said,“We at NIIT, have always believed in Quality andValue Creation. We are excited to embark on a very significant initiative –Delivering Service Excellence and Increasing the Value that our Customersderive from their association with NIIT. We are delighted to partnerwith UP! Your Service, the world leader in this spacein a strategic moveto significantly expand our Corporate Learning portfolio.” 

The world isin a deep service crisis.With the global economies transforming at recordspeed, most companies are largely unprepared for the service demands they faceday and night from around the world. To address this service crisis, NIIT haspartnered with UP! Your Service, founded by Ron Kaufman, one of the world’smost sought-after educators, consultants, business thought-leaders, andmotivational customer service keynote speakers on the topic of achievingsuperior service. His methodology includes a set of proven service principles,leadership rules, culture-building blocks and implementation roadmaps thatapply effectively across all industries and cultures. This methodology is easilycustomized to suit the unique needs of each organization, including alldepartments and team members from the leadership to the frontline.

RonKaufman, Founder and Chairman, UP! Your Service, said,“Providing superiorservice is essential to achieving continued success in our competitiveworld.Organizations with a powerful service reputation and a superior serviceculture will attract and retain the best talent, achieve market leadership, andenjoy sustainable success. Digital transformation is not just about embracingnew technology, it is about a change in thinking and in organizationculture. We are happy to partner with NIIT to work towards creating moredigital-savvy and customer friendly organizations.” 

The NIITgroup of companies has been working with UP! Your Service for the last 3 yearsin related assignments. With this announcement, NIIT & UP! Your Service aretaking their association to the next level to benefit customers worldwide.Building on the success of NIIT Technologies, NIIT Limited has embarked on ajourney of strengthening its culture of service excellence. This initiativewill be rolled out in every business and function of NIIT over a 24-monthperiod commencing October 2017.

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