Nippon Paint Training Academy Spreads Its Wings To Reach Out To Painters.

Chennai, India —September 23rd 2017 — Nippon Paint, Asia’s real No. 1 Paint Manufacturer, today announced the expansion of their training Academy in Tamil Nadu to empower over 1000 painters in the next 6 months with the establishment of two new training academies in Tamil Nadu. Contributing to the development of Painters in India, Nippon Paint has established a special division called ‘PRO-Reach’ which will provide special programmes including: PROceed - special training hub, PROtool - high end tools for painters and PROChamps - a digitized loyalty program for Painters. Painting has always been seen as a painful process by the customers and painters are seen as a group of unskilled labours without any proper training. In an effort to change this perception and to make customers enjoy the painting experience, Nippon Paint, through PRO Reach, offers a 6-day curriculum to Painters. The academy empowers the painters with the soft-skills and special training from industry veterans. During this training, Nippon Paint, uses modern technology to train the painters and equips them to use high-end tools such as sanding machines (100 % dust free machines). Nippon Paint feels that such modernised painting experience would help customers to enjoy painting, which, in-turn, will increase the frequency of painting.

To further motivatethe painters, Nippon has launched PROChamps, a digitized loyaltyprogram launched by Nippon Paint to continuously engage with painters.PROChamps is an android based mobile application which not only helps thepainters to accrue points through their phones, it also empowers them bycreating their own profile & credentials, which they can demonstrate totheir customers.

Speaking on thisoccasion Mr. S. Mahesh Anand, President – Decorative Paint, Nippon Paint India,said, “At Nippon Paint, wealways believe in giving back to the industry and contribute to the developmentof Painters. To empower the painters, the key stakeholder in the ecosystem,Nippon has initiated the training academy to modernise the painters and to trainthem to use latest technologies.” Adding to this, Mr. Mahesh also mentionedthat Nippon Paint would be giving Sanding Machines at subsidised rates to thepainters.  

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