Nirvana fitness workout at Decathlon, Whitefield on 9th February

Bangalore, February 6th 2019: As a part of Global breathing awareness month, Nirvana Fitness, a form of body and mind workout will be held at Decathlon, Whitefield on Saturday, 9th February from 5.30PM to 7PM. The session will be conducted by a team of 4 Nirvana fitness instructors – Nirvana education expert for Asia region from Singapore Meera Nair, ambassador Preethi M and instructors Smiti Sarangi from Bangalore and Harshit Ashar from Gujarat.

February is celebrated as Global Breathing Awareness month. With lifestyle changes and fast paced everyday routines, our breathing patterns have significantly changed. Most of us breathe shallow and inefficient. The event aims to build awareness about the need to breathe right, breathe deep and live long.

Nirvana Fitness® is a unique blend of uplifting music,simple to follow pilates/yoga exercises and rhythmic breathing to detox the body and experience the Nirvana mind Nirvana® was born out of growing awareness about the importance of breathing right and its ultimate influence on our lives. Science tells us that well over 80% of population is breathing wrong.. This produces toxic waste products and further promotes dysfunction on a cellular level. Ultra fast paced & unhealthy modern lifestyle slowly & through time deteriorates our breathing habits into rapid shallow chest breathing. This means we are over-breathing! Instead of optimal 6 breaths we are pulling anywhere from 16 to 20 breaths per minute, while poor breathing technique further decreases overall breathing efficiency.

Poor oxygenation is connected to most modern chronic conditions (obesity, asthma and cold, diabetes, burn out, insomnia, obesity, cancer).This is one of the leading causes for many modern health problems, since sufficient oxygenation is vital for our survival.

Nirvana fitness is a system that will teach you how to breathe correctly through a series of functional toning pilates/yoga exercises, leading you to a slower and deeper daily breathing pattern (diaphragmatic with prolonged exhalation) that will replace shallow “default” breathing.

Nirvana® Ultimate Body & Mind System is widely applicable to various groups, since sufficient oxygenation is vital for health & well-being of every individual.

Head to Decathlon, Whitefield on 9th February for a relaxing Nirvana fitness workout.

When: Saturday, 9th February

Where: Decathlon, Whitefield, 2/E1, Devasdabdar ITPL Main Rd, KEB Colony ,Whitefield, Near Phoenix Market City, Industrial Area, Hoodi, Bengaluru

Time: 5.30PM to 7PM

Entry: Rs 200/-

Contact for registration: +91 98862 38333

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