Now Hairline Introduces Organic Wigs!

Bangalore, May 8th 2018: Hairline International Hair and Skin Clinic now introduces for the first time in India, organic hair restoration units that are completely chemical-free and ensure a natural hair-like feel. These units are created from the highest quality organic (virgin) human hair which has been nourished with an organic botanical blend that encourages the growth of healthy hair cuticles that are infused with moisturizing qualities.

These hairunits are especially a good choice for patients suffering from hair loss due tochemotherapy; for those who may be allergic to hair dyes or any other chemicalsthat may form a part of non-organic hair units. Would also be ideal forpatients who have Alopecia Totalis, Universalis, Oophiasis; Cicatricialalopecia as well as other hair-related disorders.

Speaking onthe introduction of organic hair units, Dr. BaniAnand, Founder and ManagingDirector, Hairline International Hair and Skin Clinic. She says, “Our organichair is 100% human hair, full cuticle, natural and has never been processed,treated or coated with harsh chemicals. We use all-organic hair care productson our hair units. We also have hair in several different textures andcolours”. These natural hair units are available as wigs, patches and hairextensions.

Elaboratingon the quality of hair that is used in these organic units, Dr. Kala Vimal,Dermatologist, Hairline International Hair and Skin Clinic says, “Organiccuticle-intact hair is made up of multiple layers and have all the cuticlesperfectly aligned in terms of direction. The cuticles form the outer most layerand consist of overlapping layers of long cells. This cuticle layer protectsthe hair from external elements and locks in moisture, giving it a glossysurface. All of this ensures that the end result is a head full of naturallybeautiful hair”.

Organic hairunits are made up of unidirectional cuticles to ensure manageability andprevent tangling. Such organic hair is 100% human hair, full cuticle, naturaland has never been processed, treated or coated with harsh chemicals. Onceused, they have to be treated with organic hair care products. These areavailable in a range of textures and colours. They can also be customized tothe need of the recipients and can be created to be long, short, mid-length andmay also be styled into various hairstyles as well.

Human hairby far offers the most natural look and feel being very soft and with a shineand movement that cannot be easily duplicated with synthetic hair. Such hair isalso extremely versatile. And while it may be a more expensive choice, with theproper care, it is the most durable.

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