NRI Stem Cell Scientist Receives Bharat Gaurav Award In The British Parliament

New Delhi, April 21. A renowned Indian-origin orthopaedic surgeon and a stem cell scientist Prof. (Dr.) A A Shetty has been awarded theprestigious Bharat Gaurav Life Time Achievement Award for 2018 in a colourful ceremony organised in the prestigious House of Commons in the British Parliament. The ceremony was graced by eminent personalities from around the world.

Prof. Shetty received this awarded for hisachievements and contribution to the field of surgery, stem cell research,teaching and for his philanthropic work. Prof. (Dr.) Shetty is an NRIsettled in United Kingdom, is a Chair and Director of stem cell research at CanterburyChrist Church University.

The awardwas given away by Baroness Sandip Verma, member of House of Lords andformer parliamentary Under Secretary of State, UK and his excellency,Dinesh Patnaik, Deputy High commissioner of India

Award wasgiven in the House of Commons on Friday, 13th April. On this occasion dignitariesfrom 17 Countries including USA, Canada, UK, Italy, Spain, Germany, Australia,Kuwait many other countries were participated in the felicitation programme.Mr. Madhur Bhandarkar, well known film director, Robert G Davies, Director,Reech Sports Cymru Ltd. (UK). Pandith Suresh Mishra, President of SanskritiYuva Sanstha and Dr. Azad Kumar Kaushik, President, Indo-Canadians NationalAlliance were also present in the award ceremony.

Speaking on the occasion after receiving the award,Prof. (Dr.) Shetty said “it is  a matter of great honour and pridethat I have been selected for this prestigious award”. He added, “I dedicatethis award to all my teachers who shaped me, my students who inspired me andalso to all my patients who put their trust in me”.

Previous winners of this award are iconicpersonalities like Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar, Sri Madhur Bhandarkar, arenowned film director and late Mrs. Kalpana Chawla, anastronaut.

For this prestigious award people are chosen from allover the world, who achieve a landmark in their working area and made Indiaproud.

 “You are one of the iconic personalities of ournation who always encouraged each and every one to bloom into a next idol oftomorrow. You are the pride of our country and we feel privileged to recognizeyour contribution with Bharat Gaurav Life Time Achievement Award 2018,” thecitation read. It further adds “You area source of inspiration to allthose youngsters who dare to dream and who believe in hard work to achievethose dreams.”

Prof. Shettyis giving training to orthopaedic surgeons at the Royal College of Surgeons ofEngland. Prof. Shetty is leading world class research in knee surgery. Hisreputation as a knee surgeon and orthopaedic teacher attracts surgeons andpatients from all over the world. Apart from his surgical innovations, he isthe first surgeon to use robotics in arthroscopic knee surgery in the world andgel-based cartilage repair surgery in the UK.

Morerecently, he has been developing some of the revolutionary surgical techniquesfor cartilage repair, Gel ACI (Autologous chondrocyte Implantation), withProfessor Kim, Director of Cell Therapy, Catholic University Hospital in Seoul,South Korea. Prof. Shetty is the founder and director of the Kent Knee Unitbased at the Spire Alexandra Hospital in south-east England, established inresponse to the requirement and management of knee disorders. He has authoredmany books and is the winner of the Fred Heatley Prize for Research and Elsevier Prize forBest Publication.

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