NSD to promote healthy society through theatre

New Delhi, 28th March 2018: The national capital today celebrated ‘World Theatre Day’ together with the 8th Theatre Olympics, the world’s largest theatre carnival being held in India for the first time, organised by the National School of Drama (NSD).

“The 8thTheatre Olympics has already travelled across many cities and is going on inseveral more. I am very happy to announce that everywhere it has met with warmresponse. When theatre comments or criticises someone and he or she takes itpositively, that creates a healthy society. On the World Theatre Day, we atNational School of Drama pledge to create a healthy society through theatre,”says Director, National School of Drama, Prof. Waman Kendre. 

Along with asuccessful run of 135 plays so far and allied events as a part of the ongoing8th Theatre Olympics, New Delhi celebrated ‘World Theatre Day’ with a musicalperformance at the NSD premises. The ‘World Theatre Day’ was initiated in 1961by the International Theatre Institute (ITI) with the goal of promoting theatreacross the world and making people aware of the value of theatre in all itsforms. 

 “Theroles we play on stage and those we play in our lives cannot be seen inisolation. Our lives are incomplete without theatre, which is an inseparablepart of our existence. It helps us to survive. William Shakespeare has saidthat the world is a stage and we all just perform our roles – we play severalroles in one life and enrich our life,” says Prof. Kendre in a statement. 

Commentingon the relevance of theatre amid the growing commercialisation of performingarts, Prof. Kendre says, “The moment you enter the realm of theatre,discriminations based on religion, gender, caste, and colour are wiped out –then you are on a platform of equality, where everyone is at a distance fromthe ills and evils of life. Theatre is both an equaliser and an enabler – thatis the strength, magic and objective of the art of theatre.”

 “Thevery earth itself will not survive if the collective joy of live theatre artsand knowledge (including technology) is not emancipated, re-sublimated from themundane, the fury, the greed and the evil. Mass Media and our science andtechnology have made us powerful like demons. Thus, the form of theatre is notthe crisis today, but it is the crisis of content, of statement and concern. Weneed to appeal to the man of today’s earth, to save the very planet earth andtherefore ‘theatre’,” former director of the National School of Drama, Prof.Ram Gopal Bajaj, who is also a renowned theatre director and academician, saidin a statement. 

“‘Theatre’will become more important for the retention and sustenance of life itself; ittherefore needs to empower the live performer and the spectator withoutthreatening each other in this cosmic era of togetherness. I hail theatre andappeal to the world to implement and facilitate this at grass root level, ruraland urban all,” the statement from Prof. Bajaj says.

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