NSDC Collaborates with Singapore Polytechnic and Temasek Foundation International

Bangalore, 29 May 2018: To meet the rising demand for trainers and assessors in India’s skill development ecosystem, National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) aims to establish state- of-the-art Trainer and Assessor Academies in the country.

To complementthis development, Singapore Polytechnic (SP) and Temasek FoundationInternational are partnering NSDC on a Technical and Vocational Education andTraining (TVET) programme to build capabilities of 300 education leaders andspecialists who will establish and manage these academies across India. Thisprogramme is supported by Temasek Foundation International with a grant ofS$502,955. 

To formalisethis programme, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between NSDC and SP isexpected to be signed during India Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit toSingapore from31 May to 2 June 2018. 

SingaporePolytechnic will work closely with NSDC to develop a TVET Guideline and QualityAssurance Framework for Trainer and Assessor Academies to be set up in India.With the guidelines and framework, the participating institutions will utilizethem to conceptualize the systems and processes for the academies. When thetrainer and assessor academies are in place, the jointly developed QualityAssurance Framework will shape how these academies are reviewed in terms ofperformance. 

Speaking onthe partnership Mr. Manish Kumar, MD & CEO, NSDC said,“There is an urgent need for quality trainers and assessors across differentsectors in India. To fulfill this requirement, we are happy to collaborate withSingapore Polytechnic and Temasek Foundation International. This will help usdevelop best in class framework for vocational training and quality assurancein India and will further help in scaling-up various initiatives under SkillIndia mission.” 

Mr.Benedict Cheong, Chief Executive, Temasek Foundation International said, “In manycommunities, Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) forms amajor component of the overall education system and helps to build a competentand skilled workforce ready to meet industry needs. As part of thiscollaboration, participants will be able to exchange experiences and challengeson TVET standards, frameworks and curriculum, and learn from each other. Wehope the programme will contribute to NSDC’s plans of setting up the Trainerand Assessor Academies across India and also enhance networks of cooperationbetween the TVET institutions of India and Singapore.” 

Mr. SohWai Wah, Principal and Chief Executive Officer, Singapore Polytechnic said, “As Singapore’s firstpolytechnic, we have established a track record of providing quality trainingand building skillsets. We are heartened by the opportunity to collaborate withNSDC where we are able to bring our expertise offshore and contribute towardsthe development of capabilities in IndiaWe look forward to afruitful and successful partnership.” 

The aboveengagement is in line with the larger collaboration between India and Singaporeon skill development.

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