Nuberg set ups a Nitrogen generation unit in M/s Homs Refinery Ltd. In Homs City – Syria

New Delhi 14th March 2019:- Pulling off an incredible feat, Nuberg Engineering Limited has commissioned its PSA Nitrogen Generator of flow rate 500 NM3/Hr, with 99.99% purity, installed in the complex of M/s Homs Refinery Ltd. In Homs City – Syria. The unit will produce Nitrogen gas in service to ensure the need for gasoline production units. The Complete Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Supply and Commissioning has been conducted by engineers of Nuberg Engineering Limited.

With a distinguished global expertise and continuous efforts of the Nuberg team, the production unit has been put in service to ensure the need of Nitrogen, which is a basic unit for Gasoline production where the product is obtained within half an hour of starting the operation. 

“It was ambitious project given the various challenges involved in executing a project in war-torn country like Syria. It is to the credit of our engineering team that overcame all challenges and completed the project successfully. In the past, Nuberg has successfully commissioned more than 900 projects in more than 32-countries worldwide, including conflict zones like Iraq. The Complete execution of the project has been done within six months from the date of finalization. We would also like to extend our regards to our partners M/S Unico Petroleum and M/s Homs Refinery for their support & cooperation in this project,” said Mr. V.K.Gupta, MD, Nuberg Engineering Ltd.

The Importance of this unit lies in the generation and storage of Nitrogen. Necessary especially for the Gasoline production, particularly during the start-up of these units. In addition, also, for the protection of units during pressurized suspension, which is done by Nitrogen purging. It is significant to clean up these units during the reconstruction of these compressors. This flushing of the system is performed by Nitrogen gas.

There are various stages to these units. The first one is Air Compression and the second one is Filtration of moisture and Nitrogen Adsorption by PSA technology and final stage is storage of Nitrogen. The additions of new units contributes to the prosperity of oil industries in Syria and strengthens the national economy.

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