Numeric awarded the Prestigious Brand of India 2018

Mumbai, May 13th May:Numeric, the leading UPS manufacturer and power quality solution provider in India bagged the Prestigious Brand of India 2018. Numeric is awarded as one of the notable brands which have substantiated their aspirations to create the future and transform the Indian economy, embracing a combination of their state-of-the-art products and services.

Speakingon this milestone, Mr. Palash Nandy, ChiefExecutive Officer, Numeric said, “We are extremely happy to have receivedPrestigious Brand of India Award. We have been able to successfully service ourcustomers and full fill their requirements. Our product has got great reviewsby its customers on parameters such as-  Trust,Image, Sustainability, Good Energy Efficiency, Goodwill, Positioning,Brand Recall, Growth, Reach, Innovation.” Hefurther added, “Awards like such give us motivation to work harder andservice our customers in an efficient way. Post Numeric’s association with Legrand, we have been ableto accessthebest in class technology worldwide and our experience in the local marketprovides us fantastic market knowledge. We now pride ourselves as a GLOCALcompany- Global expertise and local knowledge, which has helped us scale up to greaterheights.”

Numericproductsare energy efficient which are one of the key drivers. They are themost energy efficient products in the Indian market with an energy efficiencyof levels upto 96%.

PrestigiousBrands of India 2018 is the listing of notable brands that have substantiatedtheir aspirations to create the future, and transform the Indian economy,embracing a combination of their state-of-the-art products and services.

TheAward is an acknowledgement of the brand's value, strengthand character. The project involves the most extolled, innovative and steadfastbrands in the Indian market that have, by virtue of their unique valuepropositions and attributes, established an incomparable set of beacons andreinforced a profound and meaningful marketing connect with their customers.

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